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22-05-2006, 17:04
Well i was looking at the models and army books of alot of different races, and skaven caught my eye, and i was just wondering, what are peoples views on skaven, and do they have any advise on them? as i may start them after 7th ed comes out, just incase 7th ed ruins my plans for them somehow. I know they have poor Ld and all that, but what are the armies good and weak points? What is fun about them, and what should be avoided on pain of death? :D many thanks

22-05-2006, 17:32
General tactics: skavens are weak, they almost never win head-on except against goblins and skeletons. Skaven "elite" are just the normal guys from most armies.

Though skavens don't cost much points, which means you can have like 3 times the number of your enemy. That's a lot of flank charges. Also, you can get slaves which are weaker but don't cause panic, so they can be used as fodder.

That's the main idea. For more tactics, I suggest trying the Council Of Thirteen, just look in my sig.

EDIT: in 7th edition, due to too much SAD lists, I think Clan Skryre will be weakened, but a lot of things should remain unchanged, or almost the same.

22-05-2006, 18:53
General tactics: skavens are weak, they almost never win head-on except against goblins and skeletons. Skaven "elite" are just the normal guys from most armies.

Uh, what? Skaven clanrats are cheap enough to be consistently fielded in huge numbers, ws3 s3 t3 and can take lt armor + hw + shield. They're LD 10 in a frontal engagement, and they can take weapon teams to help soften up the opposition.

Further they're slightly faster than opposing infantry in most cases, making them more likely to get the charge.

They are perfectly adequate to take on "elite" infantry; in fact, they're probably the only tournament-viable, non-undead block infantry list.

22-05-2006, 19:12
Skaven either really kick ass or a lot of horrible things go wrong and half your army is decimated by your own warmachines. But thats all part of the fun of playing them. Theres a lot of potential to create a truly competitive list and unless playing a all goblin army you will always outnumber your opponent.

Try this- large unit of clanrats 36 or more. Army standard bearer with Sacred standard of the Horned Rat. Chieftan with skaven brew. have all these together in one unit. What do you have? A very large fear causing potentially frenzied of death frenzied unit. Then all you have to do is win combat and you will most likely outnumber your opponent which means opponent auto-breaks.

Of course a cunning opponent might find a way to use this to your disadvantage.:D

22-05-2006, 20:21
I have just started to play Skaven. I have been into Warhammer Fantasy for years and have finally settled on them as an army. They do have weaknesses which have been mentioned such as low LD but they have many strengths. These again have been mentioned such as outnumbering your opponent 3-1 and crazy technology, not to mention devastating magic. It is always fun when something goes wrong such as your warp-lightning cannon exploding and decimating a chunk of your army! Also, they are the only army that lets you voluntarily shoot into a combat involving your own troops! It's always good fun shooting the crap outta your own men aswell as yours and its all in character!

At the end of the day, I personally don't go for an army based on its advantages/disadvantages but rather their models and background along with a theme. Skaven allow interesting army ideas and have brilliant background. Visit www.underempire.net for loads stuff like tactics on Skaven :)

Need I say more?

22-05-2006, 20:56
i am tempted to just get a box or two to see what they are like, is there plans to upgrade/redo clanrats within the next year or so? if so they will be put on hold until such times, but u dont think i can resist the plague monks mind you! they are sweet looking, all the pestilance things do aswell

22-05-2006, 22:43
If you're going for a whole army, I suggest that you quickly try to find a way to speedpaint them. I tried painting skaven once in the past, where I got bogged down so severely that I couldn't bear to finish it.

This time round I've found a neat scheme, which may be too dark for some, but it's just what I need to not drown in clanrats.

(As an aside, if dipping is your thing, I know it can work well, though I'd never use it myself ;) )

23-05-2006, 01:09
The skaven are one of the most fun and diverse armies in that warhammer universe. Have fun with them. You can field so many types of lists that it is hard to say what type of clan you should start with. A pestilins themed army is agreat idea now that plague monks are plastic.

23-05-2006, 01:10
well my latest idea is to get the 50 battalion, a good starting point with a 20man unit of plague monks, 40 clanrats, and some giant rats/ogre rats things, id guess about 600-700points in total? and to that i would add probably a plague priest and other cool things to get it up to 1000ish, as i was thinking basing it around the pestilance clan, as that seems right up my street!

23-05-2006, 01:16
Plague monks are tough as nails to beat in combat and you can screen them with rat swarms. They are fun, fun to convert and paint too.

23-05-2006, 01:52
You need at the very least 2 other bataillons.
Yes, really.
But if I were you, I'd tried trading the 3rd plague monk box for a box of night runners. Don't forget to make few gutter runners out of them!
Then, few blisters and you're set with an army of about 2000-2500 points.

As for new skaven stuff, don't count on it until 2008 I'd say. 7th edition and Orcs&Goblins are the next releases, most probably followed by Empire, then Vampires.

Yes, this means you will suffer for years until your clanrats will be cured of the curse of the Duck, that affects their left foot.