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02-03-2013, 09:57
I'm about to start a new eldar/dark eldar army. I've been thinking about what unites the two and where they differ, for example regarding technology.

Example: Eldar builds their ships from wraith bone (and use a lot of forcefields and other weird stuff from powers embedded in shiny stones). What about their fragile counterparts, the dark eldar skimmers?

02-03-2013, 14:07
No, eldar actually use wraithbone quite sparingly. They use a lot of psychoplastic materials iirc, wraithbone is just the most famous one. Dark eldar don't use psychic anything, and tend to use "mundane", if very advanced materials - alloys, most likely. This is why, for example, Eldar vehicles and even wargear will likely have a lot of rounder edges and have a "grown," organic look if you will. DE will be all sharp edges and jagged bits. DE do have some pretty advanced technology, though (in fact, they are arguably the more skilled at forcefield use), so they can afford to have a wide open vehicle frame sent to battle - its real defense will be speed and flickerfields, not the armor plating (which, on the other hand, will be razor-sharp for ramming or cutting through enemies).

Another example: craftworld armor will usually be smooth and maybe even decorated, DE will be full of edges and spikes. An aspect suit may have the face of the ancient hero that particular warrior emulates, the DE armor will feature enough in-built blades that any self-respecting kabalite would know 6 ways to kill a humanoid with his vambrace.

02-03-2013, 21:18
I wouldn't say they use Wraithbone "sparingly", the core structure (bones if you will) of the ships are Wraithbone. But that's just the very skeleton.
Tech of both is quite similar, just using different materials and the DE don't use psychic stuff at all. Craftworlders use psychics to trigger swords or to control jetbikes, a DE-life must be so much harder labour :p

03-03-2013, 06:34
Have a back story for this if I may ask? If not how about looking at the Severed Hand. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Kabal_of_the_Severed#.UTL061ff2So
I could see them working with the Craftworld Eldar, got feed there soul thirst somehow while they stay out in space.

Besides that, when you think of Dark Eldar in terms of different technology, do no think of them as a different shade then Craftworld Eldar, think more along the lines of Tau Empire. Let me explain, with Craftworld Eldar there is little differences between the different faction within the Craftworlds, it seems more along the lines of ideology. Now with the Dark Eldar, its vastly different, for even if one does think think that the tech behind the weapons of the wyches is not so different from the kabalite warriors, or even the dark kins aspect warriors, it gets down right strange when the Mandrakes of Aelindrach, and Haemonculi Covens come into play. Just as The Tau Empire have lots of different tech within itself, it also has completely different paths of the technology tree from its allied and vessel races, same as with the Dark Eldar.

The Dark Eldar as a whole I believe, use soul technology, the haemonculies use it, along with flesh crafting, and the Mandrakes, are not represented enough as of now for us to know about them, though I am sure they will surprise us with what they have to play with when the Shadow Kings get a bit more development come next year.

Now as to the idea of what unites them, and where they differ, I can give at least one thing about the basic suites of armor. I have heard that a Craftworld Eldar suit of armor will attempt to patch up the area wounded and if able to heal the one wearing it, also, it seems it is custom fitted to the wearer as well. The Dark Eldar suits of armor seems to house mini blades, and if say a limb is damaged to the point of being useless or if it has been poisoned, the suit will cut it off to save the wearer. Where the craftworld eldar get custom fitted suits of armor that fits them by being physic, the dark eldar get hooks in there flesh to better move the armor. Both get the job done, though how it is done is very different to the one wearing the suit.

03-03-2013, 09:07
The dark eldar have technologies that can turn flesh to glass, strip the souls of the enemies, transfer pain and grow new bodies.

The Dark Eldar are libertarian capitalism in space. Their raiders are not "warriors" per say, but hunters, who hunt for hobby. These guys are very wealthy. Wealth means they want fancy toys, hence, there's a demand for fancy toys. If, in a libertarian capitalistic world, there is both money and demand, someone will make it and sell it, thus, DE get all the fanciest high-tech. Infact, DE is the most Hi-Tech army in the game.

The DE "army" is not like our armies with trained warriors, no, the DE are equivalent to a bunch of "Daddy pays for it"-brats who got the most awesome guns their fathers cash could buy, jumped into their custom "Bulletproofed" Ferrari, and drove down to a combat zone (I.E: Iraq) to get some "awesome kills". And if anyone of them would get hurt? Well, then his daddy pays the doctor to fix him.

03-03-2013, 10:10
Hm. Interesting thought. Brats and hunters. But they should probably bring their bulletproof Ferraris to battle instead of their armour 10 transports. :)

04-03-2013, 04:41
A ferrari would be an armour 6 (at best) transport (for one + driver).

Lord Squidar
04-03-2013, 05:11
biologically all the factions of the eldar are identical and should be able to breed completely interchangeably. I think the only noted difference between them all is that the psychic portion of the dark eldar brain has atrophied from lack of use, but it doesn't specify if this is a new genetic trait of the dark eldar or just some guys from before the fall who haven't used it in a while and now it doesn't work. Besides if they wished, the haemies could give them some drug or other to kick start it.

04-03-2013, 14:40
Eldar use telepathic psychic "powers" in their language as we use vowels, DE just don't use the "spectacular" powers like frying someones brain or tossing tanks, and avoid other uses of psychic powers as much as possible, at least while in Commorragh.

04-03-2013, 15:16
A ferrari would be an armour 6 (at best) transport (for one + driver).

...and treat all terrain besides roads as difficult. But with red ones go fastah! ;)