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Still learning
23-05-2006, 11:46
ok well as the title sugests i'm going to be doing a vostroyan/ admech army.

This project is going to be long(1 year maybe) so i'd hope if poeple bear with me. i plan on updating weekly and reading posts every day. lets get this army going guys. well enough from me from now and here are some pics. i'll tell you more about the plans i have later as i get more done.

Edit* I'v now scrapped the project and am working on another, i know i planned to finish this but i suddenly had other plans. everything must go in order to cut the losses. PM if your interested.


heavy bolter team (post #18) http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=706213&postcount=18
Bases (post #10) http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=699527&postcount=10

just some of the vossies i have.

heres my finished sarg.



Heres a WIP one i'm sratch building.


gotta finish him off shortly. His just a test guy (reapeat test)

and heres my WIP engineniseer (sp?


kinda dark but the lighting from the flame not showing well

hope you like em.

If you visit i would appreciate a reply.

23-05-2006, 11:48
They don't look very much like vostroyans though, matbe could be used as conscripts. The lighting from the flame is good.

Would be better if you had smaller piccies, just change photobucket account options and when uploaded will be smaller.

Still learning
23-05-2006, 11:50
thanks man will do (as i said WIP)

i need to fix the servitor abit.

23-05-2006, 11:50
I think it's a pretty good likeness actually, good job.

23-05-2006, 11:53
Looking good and good luck ;)

Still learning
23-05-2006, 11:55
yeah i think i can do better though. this is just my first attempt and i plan i building another on the weekend. i have 10 spare bodies to practise before i start to do my final.

I plan on moulding about of this fromt he actual Vostroyans themselves and i have not yet been able to get my hands on any, so bear with me i promise it will get better.

thanks guys for the quick replies.

Green Grot
23-05-2006, 13:03
Looking good, I'd like to see how this army progress'.

One thing is, on the servitor you might wanna take in Inquisitorial sybol off if it's part of an admech force.

23-05-2006, 16:50
For the cadoyans I would recommend making the cloth longer on the "skirt". Also I would recommend looking at the WFB Empire knight bodies for alternative carapace torsos.

23-05-2006, 22:01
The lighting effect from the staff is a nice touch, and you have done a good job, but I think you could get a more realistic feel to the flame at the top- at the moment it seems a bit flat

Still learning
24-05-2006, 07:51
will do ladies? and gentlemen, and well spoted Green grot on the sympol. i forgot to say that the servitor is still WIP and i'll get him finished of on the weekend. I think sculpting will be eaiser because i can mould the symbols on to the bodies easier. today i did a mock up base of the bases i'll have on my army. I liked them so much i did some more. (*** about the red glow it's my mouse and i forgot it was there)

i plan on adding barb wire to them when i comes out.




Still learning
24-05-2006, 07:56
i gather a fraction of the parts i'm going to use through the project

pictured here



and my work area aka... the mess (*** about the lighting. i'll have proper shots and stuff on the week end this is just to keep ppl entertained.) thanks guys. and i hope you will subscrib to this thread cos i promise it will get good.


24-05-2006, 09:38
looks good so far. liking the bases.

Still learning
24-05-2006, 10:02
ty man, very easy to make and paint.

24-05-2006, 20:58
oh dear. that IS a messy workspace. well, thats just me being slightly hippocritcal.

now where did i put my land raider? it was here somewhere.... lol

25-05-2006, 06:21
nice work so far keep it up

nice lighting effect too

Still learning
25-05-2006, 07:22
thanks guys, i have the odd landraider too lying around here, Marko

Still learning
25-05-2006, 11:28
just found this guide on some ones photobucket.

Note this is not mine. This was made by Schaefer, his pbase account is located here.


(hope you don't mind Schaefer:)


nice guide and this is exactly how i'll make my robes

Still learning
27-05-2006, 06:39
Now for my Heavy Bolter team. because you get such a large area i'm doing a sort of diarama. They are in a building with tiles that i'll add and the lying down guy has a wall on his right, There will be lots of rubble and abit of snow.

heres the basic layout


cos thier fighting in a city i'm going to do some pipes under them to look cool like this.


this is what it looks like under them (you wont be able to see this)


this is just for support.

Still learning
27-05-2006, 06:45
Here are some of the moulds i made for the symbols, These will make sculpting more eaisier:


27-05-2006, 12:32
Great idea for the base, I might have to steal it! ;)

Still learning
27-05-2006, 14:20
Great idea for the base, I might have to steel it! ;)

hell go for it man, you can use it on one condition, you read and post in my thread on a regular basis. i'll have some more big of the almost finished base tomz, it looks sweer ATM. i put tiles and a small wall.

27-05-2006, 14:42
No worries there! I am getting back into 40K with a valhallan guard army and I am thinking that I will be using the Vostroyans to represent an attached Armored Fist regiment. So I have been watching other gamers interpretations of them to get some ideas when it comes time for me to include my own.

Still learning
28-05-2006, 01:23
kool man, they make nice valhallan stormtroops too you know?

Still learning
28-05-2006, 04:30
ok i started the top of my base today, i added tiles and part of the wall. There is still alot that has to go ontop, rubble, barb wire, dead bodies? GS etc.

hope you like em.



28-05-2006, 04:34
very cool, I like the pipes under the base.

One suggestion, is to not put any dead bodies on the base, it might crowd it a bit too much.

Still, great job! looking foreward to more! :)

Still learning
28-05-2006, 04:38
nah the space on the ouside of the building has nothing there. might add like a half submeged guardsmen or somthing

28-05-2006, 12:33
I like it so far!

I'd put a Wounded (use casualty model) behind the wall, slumped in cover

Still learning
29-05-2006, 07:33
maybe, maybe not i like the idea of a half submerged guardsmen in the rubble like his been dead for some time.

one question i have for you guys is what colour the tiles will be

black and white checkered


dark green (dark angles green)

Still learning
03-06-2006, 07:40
ok guys back with an update. i've been working on my next vostroyans cos i still havn't go any spray paint yet. here he is (this one is alot better than my old one) the arm is next to be done.


fairly dark photo i'll try and get better ones. The amour on his chest is a steel plate.

Still learning
03-06-2006, 07:43
ok and i've finished my heavy bolter base.




Still learning
04-06-2006, 09:52
i made a start on my command squad today, they are all going to have close combat weapons and bolt pistols. i'll be useing marine arms to help me with the arms which i find the hardest. (pics up soon)

Also i fiddled around with some army lists today.

things i'm going to include in the future.

1 platoon of men (2 squads)
Rough riders
Amoured fist squad.
Leman russ.

going for a fast hitting (blitzkrieg) IG army.

04-06-2006, 10:55
Hellhounds are great... 2 Would be awesome in city-fight...:D

Still learning
04-06-2006, 11:29
can't do 2 because of points cost, Conflict melbourne is only 750 points.

04-06-2006, 14:40
Drop the roughrides and take another hellhound!

Still learning
05-06-2006, 07:32
but i like the idea of rough riders,(why so many chioces!!!!!)

i think a mobile unit would be good, not another tank that will get shot to peices.

Still learning
11-06-2006, 04:01
any way, i have an update. i'm still waiting on more spray, i've been sick lately so i can't go out to GW and get some. so i did more bases, here they are. first my almost finished HB base.




now looking at it, theres some brown i forgot to paint over.

Still learning
11-06-2006, 04:03
and some smaller bases.



Still learning
11-06-2006, 04:04
and finnaly my still WIP vossie.



his still gotta be cleaned up abit. i put a little wet chaos black on him to allow me to see if it's smooth or not. so thats what your seeing.

Cadian 21st
11-06-2006, 04:41
- Stellar modelling there! Great work on that robe!

Still learning
11-06-2006, 05:17
i can do alot better cadian 21st, i've already started my next two.

Cadian 21st
11-06-2006, 07:10
- Nice - I can't model worth crap...

Still learning
11-06-2006, 08:24
don't worry, modelling comes with time and practise. i'm not a pro but after 5 years or so i've picked up a few tricks

19-06-2006, 22:50
Nice bases still learning they have inspired me to improve my own.

Still learning
20-06-2006, 05:53
thanks man,

i will get my spray paint tommorow (hopefully) so i will begin painting some guys this week. i have holidays too yay!

20-06-2006, 06:06
Damn, this it a good Thread.:D I can't wait until I unpack after the move.:D I'll have an entire room dedicated to gaming.:D

Still learning
20-06-2006, 06:08
Damn, this it a good Thread.:D I can't wait until I unpack after the move.:D I'll have an entire room dedicated to gaming.:D

enjoy that room starlight (mumbles under breath: lucky bastard) :p

20-06-2006, 06:33
I'm paying for it:(.......but it's worth it......and people thought I wanted the second *bedroom*;) for a roommate.:rolleyes:

I'm planning a modular set-up gaming table frame to allow for maximum playability in minimum space.:D

Still learning
20-06-2006, 08:47
city fight or other?

20-06-2006, 10:22
Wheres my tutorial and some more updates while you're at it ;)

Still learning
20-06-2006, 10:25
ah yes lord_dante i promised you a tutorial, well come back tomz. i promise i'll have it up by then. promise.

Still learning
21-06-2006, 00:17
Well as per request i have got up early and done a tut for you guys,

here we go

How to make a GS stamp cast. (my way)

you know those spures you have left around after the fun and excitment of the hobby well i found another use for them. cut one however lond you want. we will use it later.


take you vaseline (release agent) i also heard vegtable oil works(havn't tryed it)


and you GS


Still learning
21-06-2006, 00:23
Now heres a tip for cutting GS, keep it flat and use a knife to remove however much you want. like this


mix you GS and then take some vaseline


and put in onto the models face. then put the GS on the end of the spure and push it into the model's face. like this


cut off the parts you don't want and LET IT DRY ON HIS FACE. this part is most important, let it dry on his face. Voila

Still learning
21-06-2006, 00:24
the results
(note: i did not let this dry, so some parts are a bit distorted, i wanted to show you the detail you get from it without waiting a day.

that was fun :) >- as far as update, i've started on 2 more sculpts.



21-06-2006, 00:28
Thanks for the tutorial. The sprue idea is an excellent touch I've not seen before. Keep the work coming. I'll show pics of my scouts should I ever get around to making them ;)

Still learning
21-06-2006, 00:31
Yes please do keep us posted. :)

21-06-2006, 22:51
This projects looking great..keep up the good work, I found the tutorial very instructive and clear to follow.. well done!!

Best wishes,


Still learning
22-06-2006, 08:50
ok, like i said i got my spray and finnaly after months of waiting i started painting. Could wait, so after a day this is as far as i got.

This is the sarg (still wip(obviously))

http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h252/amacdo/IMG_0946.jpgi really like the red on the back.
its ok, but still need a clean up and more paint. sorry for the bad pics. Its better with lighting.

22-06-2006, 16:41
Found your project log from the link in your sig.

The army is shaping up nicely. Very good tutorial at the end there.

Keep up the good work. I know how hard Vostroyans are to paint. I stopped after about four of them. It takes me almost two hours just to paint one.

Last thing, the heavy weapons team's base is awesome.

Still learning
22-06-2006, 19:56
thank you very much :) i finished my sarg, he took me roughly 4-5 hours

pics to come.

off topic: right now, australia plays croatia in the WC, so GO AUSTRALIA !!

Still learning
23-06-2006, 07:26
well slaved the last 2 days. all for this.

the left side of his face is supposed to have a scar and i still need to fix the seals, swords handle and shoes other than that he looks pretty good huh? C&C appreciated.





Still learning
23-06-2006, 07:27

23-06-2006, 07:54
It really sucks........when people *rush* through stuff and it looks better than stuff I slave over for weeks.:mad:


Still learning
23-06-2006, 08:04
well thanks for being truthfull starlight. Do you really think it sucks?

23-06-2006, 08:08
That you can do so much better than me in a lot less time:(? Darned right it sucks.:mad:

My best centrepieces don't look that good and you seem to spend much less time than me.

<sacrifices gribblies to Xhalax for more painting skills>

Oh well, at least my conversions are good:D, even if my painting isn't up to the same level:(.

23-06-2006, 12:03
Excellent stuff, Still Learning!

I really like your basing ideas... And you're one of the few people I know of that can't afford lots of Vostroyans, but don't sit around moaning about it!

I too am creating an entirely knew army for Conflict '07, maybe I'll see you there!
(If you go to Conflict south, that is...)

Keep it up, :D

Still learning
23-06-2006, 12:21
nope sorry last_chancer, i live well, on the other side of the world in Melbourne, Australia. Any way thanks for the comment.

23-06-2006, 12:48
Oh well, shame really... I got family over that way (Perth/Freemantle area)

Keep us posted...

23-06-2006, 23:19
Still Learning, thanks for the GS casting Tutorial, absolutely indispensible! And your Vostroyans look blimmin' luverly too :D

Nice work! :cool:

23-06-2006, 23:38
I like the sarg still learning, I like the darker tones you have given him. The base is very cool, I like bases that hang over the edge a bit.

The GS tutorial is very good although I have done my casts in a different way and I do use sunflower oil which works fine for me. Just brush a little in to the cast and I've never had it stick once.

keep up the good work.

Still learning
24-06-2006, 05:20
yeah, i've tried sunflower oil, that works too, its just vaseline is easier to get here so i use that, thanks for the comments guys. i've started on my next three vossies for painting. pics to follow. :)

24-06-2006, 06:21
Wow! Sweet bases you've created. You outta get some silicone and resin and cast some of those.

Still learning
24-06-2006, 06:56
really you think so? the one thing i find hard about my bases is actually getting the model to stand on it. Doing a army of all metal (not a good idea for begginers) figures means they had the tab not just plain feet. some of the bases i made will have to be scapped. which reminds me, i must build more bases. (oh goodie)

24-06-2006, 22:18
Your painting is amazing Still learning, and your bases are just awesome. :D
I'm definately liking the bases, I'll be doing something like that with mine! (Don't worry, I'll be following and contributing to the thread!) Anyway, keep up the amazing work (Oh, and the HB base is brilliant, it's a very good use for a heavy weapon base) and....dare I say it...... Keep it clean Homie.. :D

Still learning
25-06-2006, 01:25
;) thannks buddy. i'm trying hard to finish the 3 i'm painting. I'll try get a WIP shot of them, but right now i'v only finished thier fatigues or robes.

25-06-2006, 01:35
<sits in corner and cries>:cries:

Damn man, does your skill stop? You got that so seamless that I didn't even notice the metal figure/scenic base dynamic. Did you pin both feet? I'd hate to drop one of those if it wasn't.......or do you have some magic you'd like to share?

Still learning
25-06-2006, 02:20
nope didn't pin it ( i don't plan on dropping it, if i do i'm toast) i will pin the rest though. now that you mention it.

25-06-2006, 02:46
Whats next :D


Still learning
25-06-2006, 06:59
well. WIP shots-

Heavy bolter team. (*** for the bad photos)






Still learning
25-06-2006, 07:01
while i'm at it i might as well show you what else i'm working on.

1 elysian drop troop.


Inquisitor Konig
25-06-2006, 07:36
looks great man. i know what you mean about an army taking a year... ive been working on my all converted guard army for two years now and the end is still not really in sight. as long as you keep it interesting it really doesnt matter how long it takes right? i never really concidered my death guard "complete" per say. just tournoment worthy...

Still learning
25-06-2006, 08:09
lol know the feeling,

thats mainly why i'm doing this project log, to help me finish (for once) a project. But i don't really think you can entirely finish a project or army.

25-06-2006, 13:15
great idea for the gas masks might try it out on mine

25-06-2006, 13:32
Hello Still learning,
That *stamp mold idea is excellent, will come in real handy for me.

Also I too live in Australia and find it a pain in the bum to get plastic card, could you please tell me where you got yours from?

Still learning
26-06-2006, 00:39
@nibbler, go for it.

@mysterious, well i don't think its actually called plasticard. here in Australia it's called sheet styrene. Any good hobby or model shop should stock it. If you happen to live in Melbourne, Hobby place on bourke street sells it, thats where i get mine. If all else fails try ebay. :)

26-06-2006, 03:25
Also, the Victorian Hobby Centre on Swanston Street and the little railway store along Flinders Street Station (Hearn's Hobbies, I think?) stock sheet styrene.

Still learning
26-06-2006, 06:07
ah. Merci beaucoup Major_panic, i'v been looking for another railway store in Melbourne. Thanks.

nearly finished another Vostroyans.

Still learning
26-06-2006, 11:51
ok went to the shop today and brought a chimera. built it and undercoated. PIcs of my finished "dude" and the tank tomz.

Still learning
27-06-2006, 05:51
OK pic time.

My second Vostroyan. :) hope you like him . agains sorry for the crappy pics.




i just noticed theres a chip in the paint.

27-06-2006, 06:00
You're just saying that to make us feel better.:p

You've got rad skills, man. I'm not sure I'd want my stuff on the same table.:(

Still learning
27-06-2006, 09:09
well, i think i'm gonna give up paint GW and forgeworld minis and try some historical miniture painting, like World war 2, does Warseer allow it?

27-06-2006, 21:37
it does, but in a different forum... (non-GW games and project logs)

good stuff... but dude, resize those pics!

27-06-2006, 23:05
well, i think i'm gonna give up paint GW and forgeworld minis and try some historical miniture painting, like World war 2, does Warseer allow it?
That's out of the blue. Why would you do that? Not much fantasy, creativity nor convertion options in that. A few posts ago you said this post was to make yourself finish something for a change, and now you look at doing something else entirely?

Or did I miss the sarcasm? :)

Still learning
28-06-2006, 01:49
Sorry i made it abit unclear. I still plan on finishing this, but after this i should of said. or while i'm doing it. I still intent to finish this project. all the way.

sorry i made it unclear.

p.s i tried to resize but it wont let me. i'll try again

Still learning
04-07-2006, 09:58
ok, i'm on to my next few guys, i'll post pics tomz

04-07-2006, 10:42
Looking good there, still learning. I like the face. haven't got much to comment, as he looks really good.


Still learning
07-07-2006, 09:22
OK finished the Heavy bolter team today.

The project is goning to slow down as i head back to school.





Still learning
07-07-2006, 09:29
This is what they will look like. i still don't know what colour to paint thier water bottles



07-07-2006, 20:56
OMG i have been looking for a thread like this for a while; i have been building an urban cadian army and like you view my bases aas a mini diorama, so here is one.
a little tip (did you ask?) i have been experimenting with base features for a while you can make little rubble piles by mixing quick drying polyfilla, and pva glue and an aggregate (a gravel or sand it's up to you) and apply with an old brush it takes about 4 hrs to dry but as it's not too runny it keeps its shape, it's great.

07-07-2006, 22:46
Really like that base SL, not too much, but enough to get a sense of environment to it. Really looks as if they have snuck forward to get into position

Still learning
08-07-2006, 01:36
schoolcormorant, i love your base. That looks awsome. I'v yet to try the polyfilla trick. i have used it before but not on GW models. Looking at the HB base now it looks abit plain.

08-07-2006, 09:43
it's really not plain. the thing behind my army is that i intend to barely move while in game, because i'm going to use ordnance before my enemy hit's my lines so ive modelled them entrenched.
plus it's sometimes a good idea to add a little paint to the polyfilla mix, yellow is good becasue you can see where you are spreading it - it doesn't matter if it's gonna get sprayed anyway

Still learning
08-07-2006, 09:53
yeah, nice tip. polyfilla has 101 uses in modeling.

10-07-2006, 05:11
Congratulations all those vostroyan look really nice, all the details are superb would like to see all that are finished together.

Still learning
10-07-2006, 09:23
ok, i'v done some painting today. i'v started work on my 5th and 6th troops. The first squad is nearly complete. I'm plaing on 3 squads for my army. 2 infantry and and amoured fist. I'll use converted vallahals for the AF.


10-07-2006, 10:20
I find these to be really evocative, superb painting as well. Full of character...

10-07-2006, 18:51
I find these to be really evocative, superb painting as well. Full of character...

Vostroyans really are the sloggers of the IG, you got your fancy Elysians and fast attack Tallarn but the Vostroyans take the brunt!

11-07-2006, 07:35
Well, I'm looking forward to seeing this army complete (no matter how long it may or may not take!)

It's good to see some other IG Commanders in Melb too, I thought I was almost the only one!

Good luck!

Still learning
11-07-2006, 10:23
Fusion, what GW do you hit? City, Northland, highpoint?

11-07-2006, 17:23
Well, I'm looking forward to seeing this army complete (no matter how long it may or may not take!)

Good luck!I could not agree more...

11-07-2006, 19:32
Looking good SL!

11-07-2006, 19:44
I'm looking to start a Vostroyan army soon so keep this up, its a great inpsiration to me. I especially like the bases, could you erhaps give us a tutorial on how you did them?

11-07-2006, 21:32
I'm looking to start a Vostroyan army soon so keep this up, its a great inpsiration to me. I especially like the bases, could you erhaps give us a tutorial on how you did them?

yeah i'm with him, any tips?!

Still learning
12-07-2006, 07:49
ok they are very easy to make. I just take a random asortment of bits and peices. I have this modeling clay thats dry to i break that with a hammer to creat the white peices (see earlier in the thread)


This is a diarama i'm working on. It's a dirt road i made out of polyfillla.


This is a little trick i came up with do make peices or rubble. Get and icecream container and put lots of polyfilla in it. THen once dry bend the container and the polyfilla breaks.


Then gather your bits and go to work. Tip try to take a model and make the base around it. I made some earlier bases that i had to chuck because no-1 could stand on them.


12-07-2006, 14:30
Nice! Is polyfilla easier to workwith than GS? What are the pros/cons?

Is that a mortar on the base? Yoinked!

12-07-2006, 18:41
Nice! Is polyfilla easier to workwith than GS? What are the pros/cons?

Green stuff is good for adding to models but polyilla gives a nice rough surface to work on for bases and stuff. plus i think polyfilla will be cheaper but TBH i used some we had in the house from a DIY thing. plus polyfilla is lighter but it is quite brittle. you can mix stuff into polyfilla and it's easier to sculpt. you can mix PVA into polyfilla and make it a litle less brittle

Still learning
13-07-2006, 07:05
yeah as schoolcormorant said, and yes that is a mortar on the base, well spoted.

13-07-2006, 13:38
thanks for the tips Still learning. gonna try that later. the problem with urban themes is that there needs to be a lot of straight lines and frankly the sprues that my CoD stuff came on are as much use as the CoD, i've been chopping them up and 'sprinkling' them onto areas.

13-07-2006, 14:23
Man - LOOKS GREAT. I'm REALLY NOT a fan of the Angry Russians - but you have done a very good job with them.

Still learning
14-07-2006, 10:29
Trust me, i was not really a fan before i brought them but after collecting every guard type out there i though what the hell, give em a shot. A nice large army looks fabulous.

14-07-2006, 19:52
Tips all noted, thanks guys.

Now, time for a trip to Wickes...

15-07-2006, 14:58
hey still learning, what is the chance of seeing a pic of your full army as it stands?!

15-07-2006, 17:56
Great work here! will be checking back in alot to see your progress :)

Still learning
16-07-2006, 01:31
Well as requested, a group shot of what i'v done so far. I would get better pics but my camera ran out of batteries at that very moment lol.\
I'm not quite finished the 2 on the left.


16-07-2006, 09:54
WOW! they are great! you are so lucky to have a HB team like that, us cadian players get some crouching fool.
The only thing that would put me off collecting vostroyans is the gold/bronze armour, it's so hard to get right, but you really have. keep it up
I'm gonna get that cadian Forgeworld command squad, and use that WD317 paint guide for the vostroyan on the senior officer, what do you think?

Still learning
16-07-2006, 11:09
umm yes and no, certainly go for the Cadian command. I don't really have a formual likke base, layer, highlight of certain paints i just do what i want. Thats why the red and god varies.

Before starting this army i had 5 chioces:

Do a cadian army and buy lots of FW stuff.

Finish elysian army.

Use cadian minis and do an DT army.


Death korps.

i choose Vostroyans obiviously

This army is only going to be 750 points. Because thats what conflict is.

16-07-2006, 15:55
They might release some vostroyan stuff though (FW i mean). unless they are focusing on death korps... cool as they are i don't think i would collect them.

Still learning
17-07-2006, 07:41
yeah FW vossies would be sweet

18-07-2006, 22:53
Sl, do you have the Vostroyan command squad?

Still learning
19-07-2006, 07:47
not yet, once i finish this squad i might start me second. Or maybe some Heavy weapons. I'm holding off from command right now until my painting of vostroyans improves abit more.

19-07-2006, 21:09
WOW! they are great! you are so lucky to have a HB team like that, us cadian players get some crouching fool. If you dont mind having crouching shock-troops, then use the hard-to-balance running legs, clip off the collar... done!

Before starting this army, I had 5 chiocesI agree, I would only collect expensive FW armies or vostroyans I f I was starting an entirely new army!

FW vossies would be sweetAh, the stuff of dreams!

Still learning
22-07-2006, 10:13
The project is on hold at the moment for several reasons

I have some stuff to do

I have alot of other projects (maily GD, i'v brought the stuff already, look for project log in the future. )

and i can't really spend any more money because i must save up for my language tour i'm going on. sorry guys. I'll try and get the squad finished but really that will probably be all for now.

Still learning
25-09-2006, 14:06
i'v decided to stop and persue other avenues.

Everything must go. PM if your interested.