View Full Version : 1000 pts Chaos warriors and Orc and Goblins for Battle Brothers Tourney

06-03-2013, 16:33
Hi there I will be attending for the first time a Games workshop event in nottingham for the first time and would like some advice please as havent done choas before or dont really know what to expect opponents to have. My friend who is tag teamed up with me has 1000 points worth of orcs what are as follows

Goblin warboss, 2+ armour item, 4+ ward item, great weapon
lvl 2 night goblin shaman 85
Ngoblin Big Boss Bsb, badmoon banner, light armour, shield.
20 savage orcs big fc 215
28 night goblins, with spears and shields, standard 84 + 2 fanatics +50, 134
2 boar chariots 170
doom diver
add 3 goblins

I have gone for

Festus The Leechlord who will go in the Chaos Warrior Unit

20 Chaos Warriors ..Mark Of Nurgle,full command,Hand Wpn and Shield, Chaos Armour.

3 Dragon Ogres with Champion and Another hand wpn

3 Skullcrushers of Khorne with Blasted Standard and Champion

Any advice would be great, if this army list sucks then tell me but please tell me why or where im going wrong

Thanks :)

06-03-2013, 16:40
Tell him to remove this badmoon banner! Its the most useless item in whole Warhammer :) It give stubborn to unit but youll be steadfast anyway. And your opponent will always try to kill his BSB, he need some protection.

I suggest that you put the general and the bsb in a 20 NG unit behind your line and put a +1Ld banner on the BSB if you want. I he want to keep it up front, gear it and no magic banner.

06-03-2013, 16:48
Okay Gradolt i'll tell him Thanks :) see any problems with the chaos list?

06-03-2013, 22:11
I usually run Drogres with great weapons, purely because they have I2. Skullcrushers cant take Blasted Standard. And you need some doggies.

06-03-2013, 22:23
I would drop warriors down to 17, they are still solid with a 6 x3 formation. With the points left from that and the blasted standard, I would add gw to dragon ogres, and if you can, Atleast a unit of dogs

07-03-2013, 22:43
Personally feel festus is better with halberd warriors. That way don't end up wasting the parry save. But it's a minor issue.

Being the edition of character sniping, festus doesn't make the best general with so little protection but I understand your use of him he is awesome in every other way