View Full Version : Lizardmen vs Empire 2500 points

08-03-2013, 22:42
Hell All, I have just posted up a new battle report of a game I played a few nights ago against the Empire. It was a tough game with Cannons playing a major part.

For your reading pleasure.


I hope you and enjoy!


12-03-2013, 01:09
Dang !

Talk about the battle of tactics vs dice rolls !

Might want to subject your dice to decimation your dice after those initial dismal magic phases.

Good to know the troops can handle business without the general around

18-03-2013, 13:52
This empire list is very weak while your lizardmen army is complete cheese ;P

Congratulations on the victory though!

21-03-2013, 23:05
Another fine rep, although I suspect a frustrating matchup for many. Looking forward to how you'll do against equally hard armies