View Full Version : Quick question on Magic Items and Army Builder

11-03-2013, 23:48
Do Magic banners count against the Magic Item point limit on a character? What about Gifts of Chaos and/or Demon powers?

11-03-2013, 23:55
Generally, characters who can take magic banners cannot also take magic items (this will be specified in the book). The lone exception I'm aware of is a slann, which can take everything all the time. Also beastmen can take gifts/mutations but not items if they are carrying a magic banner. In these cases, no, the banner doesn't count against your points limit.

11-03-2013, 23:56
If you take a magic banner on a BSB it can be any point cost, the only issue is that once you choose a magic banner (at any point cost) you can no longer put magic items onto a BSB. Gifts of Chaos are different as those aren't magic items, they come out of a separate pool, same issue with Vampire powers. Skaven Scavenge-Pile garbage also are not considered magic items and thus may be taken. Demonic Gifts are now considered like magic items and you are forbidden in the 8th edition book of Demons from putting Demonic gifts onto a BSB with a magic banner, though you can still buy him a Loci.