View Full Version : Pre Heresy: For the Khan!! Legion V project

Konrad_Curze II
12-03-2013, 01:08
Howdy folks,
My former and soon to be again local store is running a big pre-heresy game in October and has put down the challenge to build and paint a 2k pre heresy marine legion for it.
so for this I have decided to go with the ludicrous all white bike based army because I am in my unconscious mind a masochist. So for this I have designed my list to be fluffy and not massively competitive though using the ForgeWorld Betrayal book (part of the deal for the project)
So this will be the place I will be putting down my progress, so far that progress has been 3 bikes put together like below.

I went for the chopper style bikes as I feel they suite the White Scars alot more than the standard setup so this will be the case for all the bikes I will be taking.
So watch this space for more updates

12-03-2013, 15:59
intersting. I really like the White scars chapter so I'm looking forward for more!

Konrad_Curze II
16-03-2013, 20:57
heres the first squad built, will be spraying up a test model to try out painting the white armour.


19-03-2013, 16:42
Putting those bits to good use :)

You drilling gun barrels? Thought about any extra bits you could add to make them more Mongolish? Like Top knots/ baggage etc?

Good luck with the white

Konrad_Curze II
19-03-2013, 16:46
my sergeants are gonna be helmetless with top knots and might get some space wolf bits for some furs and stuff. might have to look into drilling the barrels good idea. I am still waiting on some good enough weather to spray stuff after work to test painting white should be interesting to say the least!