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23-05-2006, 20:57
I've worked out the kinks in my previous army and added some personalized elements to make it feel "right".

Exalted Champion: mark of slaanesh, enchanted shield, sword of might, barded steed- 166pts

Sorcerer: mark of slaanesh, lvl 2, Power familiar- 190pts

Bray Shaman: mark of slaanesh, lvl 2, spell familiar, staff of darkoth- 170pts

Bray Shaman: 2 dispel scrolls, bray staff- 131pts

5 chosen knights: mark of slaanesh, full command- 295pts

16 chaos warriors: mark of slaanesh, halberds, shields, full command- 322pts

20 chaos marauders: flails, full command- 145pts

5 warhounds- 30pts

5 warhounds- 30pts

6 furies- 90pts

6 Gor: 2 hand weapons, full command/ 14 Ungor: spears- 133pts

6 Gor: 2 hand weapons, full command/ 14 Ungor: spears- 133pts

3 Chaos Trolls- 165pts

Models: 104
Power dice: 8
Dispel Dice: 6

My battle plan is fairly simple, The beast herds will march up infront of my 2 other infantry units. BTW I never really noticed how good a beastherd is in combat ecspecially when joined by a bray shaman. They dish out two s5 attacks, three s4 attacks, and eleven or twelve s3 attacks. That's a lot of attacks that are bound to kill something. Also with t4 up in front they can take it too..well sort of.

The trolls who will be joined by the general will take up the middle with a warhounds unit as a screen. That way the general can spread his ld to the beastherds and the marauders.

The knights will take on a flank with the other warhounds unit to screen for them.

Every unit seems to have a role in the army except the marauders. I'm going to use them side by side with my warriors, but I'm not sure what I can do with them. They don't seem good enough to be able to hold their own in combat past the first round. I was thinking of splitting them into 2 units of 10 with a chieftan and use them as flanking units to support my warriors. How do you guys use your marauders?

24-05-2006, 02:27
In order to get max usage out of you rmarauders they should be able to outnumber the enemy too. Thus you should have 3 ranks standard and outnumber (5 cr). I usually try to get 24 or 25 models in the unit. 4X6 or 5X5 is what I try for. I have seen them stand up to alot. Give them hw/la/shield and you have a fairly cheap anvil. If you play your cards right, try to get them to take that nasty charge that will break most things. You'll be surprised at their resiliency. Of course, if you march them up and have them take it on the chin, and flanks, they will break. Deployment of this unit is critical.

24-05-2006, 20:26
What could I drop to get those extra marauders?

I was thinking maybe the mark on my general but that would only get me 3 more.

I had an idea that I'd like some feedback on. Would it be good to drop the dispel scroll on the lvl 1 shaman for a powerstone?

Depending on the battle I'd probably choose lore of beasts, then theres 3 good spells in there I could use:

The first one is the oxen stands, this makes one unit automatically rally so it could be a game winner if say my warriors or knights or even a beast herd is running. Also it's the default spell so if I get one I don't like I can switch for this.

The next one is the the bears anger, this turns my shaman into a combat monster with five strength 5 attacks, not to mention toughness 5. It would really help his herd break units.

The last one for beasts is the wolf hunts, this will let my warhounds and knights make a 2d6'' move posibly letting them charge. It could be great to get a hound unit into a flank to help out a unit that looks doomed. (probably marauders)

There's also a few keepers in the lore of shadow:

Pelt of midnight, makes a shooting at one of my units need a 6 to hit. This could be a good one tocast on my knights if I see a bolt thrower or the like in their flanks.

Shades of Death, makes a unit cause fear so it could be good to give to a beast herd or my marauders who have numbers on their side.

Unseer Lurker, a unit makes an 8'' move which can be a charge, do I really need to say the tactical advatages this can give?

the thing I don't like as much in the lore of shadows is that the default spell isn't great (for my army at least) so the power stone is useless if I don't get a spell that makes a difference.

How about it?

26-05-2006, 04:16
Well I think that that you should have 2 level 2 spellcasters and 2 fighty type characters. One of the best, and cheapest characters is the good old exalted hero (undivided) with the helm of many eyes and a great weapon. This can be a good general as you can keep him on foot and march him up with the bigger marauder unit.

Tzeetch wargos are my favorite to help with herds, but if you are going with a slaanesh theme, I would use two bray shaman with the mark of slaanesh. The problem with the mark of slaanesh is that you can't flee as a charge reaction. Tzeetch wargors gives you a pretty decent magic phase and you can flee if you want, and can dish out alot of pain with great weapons/staff of darkoth. The problem with staff of darkoth is the 9+ plus casting cost. It is not a sure thing with level 2. So get a powerstone to help out the casting cost of that spell.

The knights of slaanesh are an interesting choice. They are quite expensive don't you think. I prefer a simpler approach, 4 chosen knights undivided with a warbanner only. This is only 225 pts.

I am not a fan of Chaos warriors at all. They are too expensive and there is alot of unused points just sitting in the back row. What a waste. I have 16 fully painted slaanesh and 16 fully painted undivided and I never use them.

I would recomend some steeds of slaanesh and some marauder horsemen. Maybe a giant (I don't really like the new model, but that is a matter of opinion).

26-05-2006, 12:06
i could get the exalted with the helm and great weapon instead of the shaman with 2 scrolls and just stick him with the marauders to let them actually win fights.

The dropping of the warriors on the other hand I can't. Well I can but I won't. I don't know how nobody likes them, mine always get into combat and when they do, they always clean the floor with who ever they come into contact with. Even when charge they still mop up,and besides...they're pretty much the coolest models ever.