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23-05-2006, 22:04
I just spent about 10 minutes putting together this list, if i promise you a cookie, will you look over it and tell me any big mistakes i've made?
Assassin Adept:
Weeping blades 110 GC
(just because i want to convert and paint it, and they look like they rock, so i might as well put them on my best fighter)

Eshin Sorcerer:
Fighting Claws 75 GC
(because he cant use any other weapons when using FightingClaws, and he dont need to, since he's a caster)

Black Skaven:
Fighting Claws 80 GC
(simply because i love the idea of a rat with claws for hands (yes, i've got a plan with this, so if it suck gamewise, it will be for pure fluff reasons)

Black Skaven
Halberd and Throwing stars 70 GC
(i need some Close Combat Strength, and this guy is it, and the stars is because a warband where the basic idea is ninjas, wouldn't be the same without the stereotypical throwingstars ;) )

Nightrunner X2
2 daggers per rat, throwingstars, 37 each
(just to fill out all my hero slots, and since they aren't very good in Close Combat, i'd just as well give them something to throw in the general direction of the enemy)

Verminkin #1 (2 rats)
Spears and slings 60 total
(these guys are supposed to stay in front in case my enemy should charge, as the spears will make them strike first when charged, and my heroes will then be able to countercharge in my turn)

Verminkin #2 (three rats)
Clubs Daggers and Slings 75
(just to get some meatshield... meatshield that hit back)

I have *some* experience with Reiklanders and Dwarves, both pretty elite warbands, with few models, but also fewer dice, and that they are both stand-and-shoot-ish warbands, i decided to go the direct opposite direction, and took a warband with a lot of weak meatshield to deliver your hard hitting heroes to the combat. this will come as a complete shock in my gaming group, as i'm known as the guy who always win the "roll to see who chooses to setup first", and choose the lone building, with a huge killzone, and doesn't move the entire game.

when i get some more GC, i'm going to invest in more club-and-dagger rats, and maybe a ratogre some time, i have never played against one, neither have i seen one being used, so i dont know if they're any good, but i guess they are quite good as attentionmagnets, but what do you think?

i guess thats it, and thanks in advance

25-05-2006, 00:56
ok, since you're asking here, I'm assuming you don't have fluff for your weapoin choices. If you do, take my advice with a huge grain of salt.

1) your band does not need any strength boosters to start. you have 3 S4 heroes natively, more than any other rulebook band. Don't complain about it. Ditch the halbared and take a sword & dagger instead.

If you HAVE to take stars on anyone, stick them on your assassin adept. He's got BS4 (best in the band.)

Drop stars on your runners, with BS2 they won't hit squat. Give em slings. Hell, give EVERYONE in your band who can use one a sling. (Not the guys with claws, obviously) At least with slings you get some range. Once you get ahold of eagle eyes and knife fighter, look at stars.

Also, don't worry about spears on anyone, use two daggers or daggers and clubs on your henchrats. You've got very high init, and great movement, you don't need the spears.

with these changes you should be able to get 2 more rats. This will put you to 13, upping your rout test number to 4, instead of 3.