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12-03-2013, 11:21
hello, there. i've been collecting nids for a long time, and need some advice on modeling. I allways seem to loose inspiration halfway to completion. maybe i can get some advice from my fellow warseerites :rolleyes:
anyway, here are some of the projects i want to have opinions:

swarmlord: no ideia what to put in his base, nor color to paint him ( i want to get out of my nid color scheme of red and bone ). i wanted to show him as an older organism, but im not sure if i should go the 'white' way :confused:

bio-titan: you clearly can see i tryed to approach the old tyranid warrior look, but i cant figure out about his head. im thinking about huge feeder tendrils and mandibules but its not working as i expected...


12-03-2013, 11:38
Your swarmlord looks like a brute! well done.

12-03-2013, 21:49
Looks awesome! Can't wait for more.

14-03-2013, 00:11
thanks both for your kindness. it is indeed a brute, born out of the carnifex kit. i wanted it to stand out of the rest of the army in terms of size and form, but also in color.
i think i read somewhere that the older tyranid organisms where whitened and striped, but i cant seem to find where i did. i have been cycling through my older codexes but cant confirm it thou. can someone point me in the right direction for this? am i going nuts, or did i really read it from anywhere official?

21-03-2013, 23:04
swords almost done. few details to add to the swarmlord. i might start painting in a week or 2.

26-03-2013, 23:01
some reinforcements for my tyranid army. these monsters will be part of a tourney list for next month. the flying tyrant counts as armed with 2x twin devourers. what do you think?

01-04-2013, 22:04
small update:

18-04-2013, 09:49
almost there. could not resist to show it. it's already taking the sleep out of my opponents, hehe.

18-04-2013, 10:44
Hey eutambem,

that's a great swarmlord you have there, I really like it's pose.
I'm not to much afan of such hard dry brushing, imho the lacks some transition inbetween the fleshtone. I'd imagine a slight wash with purplish colour and rebuild white would improve it.
Something similar is about the carapace, maybe one fine lighter edgehighlight would be cool (maybe blue mixed up with grey),
just to define more the overall colour (dark blue would be my impression) on the one hand, but to keep it dark on the other hand.

Don't take it harsh, there is (almost) everytime room to improve - I'm not excluded^^.

Apart from that you've got a nice choice of colours, your GS-Fu is promising (hard work I know) and the final piece wil giev your fellow players soem headache, I agree ;-).
At last a word to your flyrant - those TL Devs are ace, a thing I'll do myself.

21-04-2013, 20:41
thanks for your opinion, Harl. i appreciate your constructive criticism. and i find you are right. i will try to follow your council, but i think it will be very hard to make the skin color transition from dark purple to white (i tried using the old citadel elf grey, instead of white but the result is the same) but the carapace thing is easy enough to do.
i'll be posting more pics soon.

Fist of Dorn
21-04-2013, 21:28
Love the GS work on those bone blades, what were the arms holding originally? I may steal the idea for my own nid army. I have to agree with Harl on the paint job though. I think thinner paints and washes are the way forward. As for the bio titan i'm looking forward to seeing it finished. Maybe use a carapace from one of the plastic kits as the top of the head and build up from under it? Either that or find a suitable sized ball as the base and build around it with bits, where you'd find one of those I've no idea!

22-04-2013, 21:53
Thanks for the titan head idea, Fist.
As for the arms, its very easy. they are scything talon arms, with the base of the talon (the hand if we can call it) cutted off and glued the other way around. it needs some more cutting and trimming to look right aesthetically. i'll be very happy to see more conversions based on this, go ahead and 'steal' it, mate.

04-08-2013, 00:00
The tyranids have reached terra, but the first unfortunate of the xenos to cross my way ended as food for my birthday!
well... it could be, if i was catachan. but it's just a cake i made for myself, family and friends. i thought about sharing this with you guys.

04-08-2013, 00:19
Wow great effort with the cake, must taste like biomass.