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14-03-2013, 17:45
I intend to send the new CEO of Games Workshop a letter, no doubt he/she may recieve a few, but i hope he/she reads this as i feel it takes my point across strongly, and that he/she will appreciate it.

Let me know what you think


As a longtime customer, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you into the position of CEO of Games Workshop PLC. This is a position that will, as I am sure you are aware, receive a lot of criticism over your years to come, with decisions made of a financial nature.

Although I am among one of the many hobbyists that feel the hobby has become incredibly expensive, I still purchase a model every now and again that catches my eye, though not to the same degree as several years ago. I am aware of increases in oil prices, which has a direct effect on manufacturing and transportation costs. As well as the rise in the Retail Price Index, all of which must be considered with price increases. Although there is a strong online community that opposes the price rises, many understand that it is a necessary part of maintaining a high return for the dividend payments to investors, as well as the increasing economic costs.
The main thing the community would appreciate is that when the annual price rises come in, there is simply an explanation for the rise

This letter is by no means a rant, this letter is simply my attempt to welcome you into an organization, that provides, and has done for over 25 years, a means of escape for men and children alike. To travel to realms within the imagination, and allow stories to unfold, and friendships to blossom over many a battlefield.
Many a gamers first system was one created by Games Workshop, and although some may be onto other systems, their memories of playing games designed by Games Workshop are steeped in fond memories, and terrible dice rolls.

I ask that over your years to come as CEO, to remember that whichever direction you choose to go in with the business. To involve the community, in the newsletter on the web stores website, inform your consumers of changes. Reach out to the vast community for suggestions, accept criticism as every organization does. Evolve and adapt to the changing markets, and above all, keep the spirit of the hobby alive, by allowing the creators to….get creative.

I leave you with a quote from the late Mahatma Gandhi, and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us.
We are dependent on him.
He is not an interruption in our work.
He is the purpose of it.
He is not an outsider in our business.
He is part of it.
We are not doing him a favour by serving him.
He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.

My Kindest Regards,
Joseph O’Connor

14-03-2013, 18:08
I don't know.... that is a pretty generic letter that could be sent to any business. Basically the premise is that you want GW to communicate more openly on their corporate strategy and more specifically pricing.

Everyone needs to accept that their sales come from impulse buyers who have poorly managed finances and children who's parents by them the shiny box they want.

Those of us on the forum who analyze and discuss the reasoning behind GW's actions are a small minority in their grand customer scheme. Yes we want value for our money because we earn it, but it's mostly empty words - we will buy their products regardless. Sure they lose some sales from those who actually do leave the hobby, but the mindless masses/new blood are worth more financially. Nothing is going to change because the customers GW markets to (the majority) don't care about these sort of issues.

14-03-2013, 18:42
If you really want to make an impact, I would suggest you need to make a couple of key points:

1 - I used to give you money. I'm not going to any longer.
2 - I am going to give that money to your competition.
3 - With my friends, family, gaming group, and in public, I am going to decry you as an option and encourage your competitors as options.

Then you need to articulate why: your prices are too high, your design quality is falling, and quite frankly, you guys act like a bunch of jerks to people.

If you want to appeal to the CEO, you need to hit them where it hurts: not just current money, but also future money. One thing most companies realize is that consistent negative word of mouth will hurt them. Stopping your purchasing from GW is one thing. Stopping your purchasing from GW and actively encouraging others to do the same in favor of other options is a far more terrifying prospect for GW.

Also, don't argue their case for them. They didn't raise their prices because of materials or production or whatever. They did it because they could. Don't try to justify why their prices are too high or too low or whatever. Just say they are too high and that you aren't paying them, and move on.

14-03-2013, 18:58
Take off your dancing shoes, put on some hobnailed boots, and stick them right in. Don't pussyfoot around - say exactly what the hell you think of GW :D

14-03-2013, 19:23
Another pricing thread :(

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