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Captain Denarius
15-03-2013, 04:01
"They were the kind of heroes you see on the vid-casts and the holo-posters. The first into and the last to leave a fight. They were always there, a line blue line keeping the Traitors at bay. I remember at the Field of Sydern, just as the hordes of traitors were about to make their last charge, they came from the sky, like angels of death."
Hol Fordas, 39th Nopan Regiment

Hello all,
This is my attempt to complete a Horus Heresy army, of about 3000 points. I typically play at 2000 points with my friends, but I always have a hard time settling on one list to repeatedly use. As a result, I'll have a 'reserve', so to speak, of another 1000 points worth of models. This won't be update very frequently, as I'm studying at University and have not much time to paint. Expect segments of my personalised Army background, not much in the way of WiP photographs, but lots of vehicles that I haven't seen much of in other plogs.

This is a running list of what I have built, what I have painted, and what I want to buy.

10 Mark IV Marines, Painted
10 Mark IV marines, Unpainted
5 Mark III Marines, Unbuilt
14 Mark III Marines, Unpainted
1 Mark III Marines, Painted
2 Contemptors, Unpainted
1 Relic Contemptor, Unassembled
1 Deimos Predator, Unassembled
2 Land Speeders with Mark IV Crew, Unassembled
1 Land Speeder with Mark IV Crew, Painted
2 Legion Basilisks, Unpainted
2 Drop Pods, Unpainted

As you can see, I have a lot to get through. In typical gamer fashion, I buy faster than I paint. Hopefully, this plog will encourage me to paint more, and buy less.

Without further ado, my test marines.

Short Bearded One
15-03-2013, 22:16
Love that shade of blue. It's not the usual bright ultra-smurf colour and looks great. The gold is spot on too.

15-03-2013, 22:23
i agree that deeper blue looks much better!

16-03-2013, 00:00
Looks great. A few transfers or etched brass for the legion symbol will really finish them off.

16-03-2013, 18:07
Can't wait to see your progress on these. *thumbs up* :)

Captain Denarius
17-03-2013, 04:50
“We hadn’t seen much of the war yet. The Seventy-Seventh was preparing to exchange the garrison duties of Konor to the Twelth, when Calth happened. So Chapter HQ made the decision that both companies would stay and prepare for the Word Bearers. In due time, Chapter gave us another five damn companies, straight from Basic, to make sure we could get the job done. They were some of the last trained on Armatura. Konor couldn’t be lost.” Captain Jarus, except from the Chronicles of Altioch

Members of Tactical Squad Primaris, lead by Danus Julius
http://i.imgur.com/fh8Ya6z.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/u6FhLNP.jpgObviously in varying stages of completion. I did these as I was still messing around with my painting process, hence why some are missing heads, and others are missing bolt pistols and grenades or completed bases.

Members of Tactical Squad Tertius, currently being re-trained as mobile fire support
http://i.imgur.com/4ktsnZA.jpg http://i.imgur.com/y91sqIl.jpg

Some WiP stuff from my painting table.

Also, thanks very much for the feedback!
@Shaw: I'll go through and do transfers when I've completed the first 10 Legionaries.

rabid stoat
17-03-2013, 09:56
I like what I'm seeing. Can we get a closer look at the terminator soon?

Captain Denarius
21-03-2013, 07:59
I like what I'm seeing. Can we get a closer look at the terminator soon?

Thanks Rabid!

I'll try and finish him over the weekend, and then put up some more detailed shots.

Captain Denarius
31-03-2013, 13:43
Just a quick update today, no background. Here's my first Contemptor. I don't believe a Heresy force is complete without one or three XD


A little more work left to do, mostly the Plasma Cannon, and the base. I'll post up some more Legionaries tomorrow, and a pair of Centurions.

31-03-2013, 14:34
Great work Captain Denarius :) The blue you chose seems much better than the usual Ultramarine blue.

31-03-2013, 17:15
Excellent shade of blue. I do like the mid-90's blue, but this fits more with the grim-dark setting.
Also, great model composition. I'll be watching this one.

Captain Denarius
02-04-2013, 13:28
Better shots of the Tartaros.

And his good friends, built before I read Betrayal rules. That boarding shield sure is useful nowadays.

And their older brothers, sans arms. I want to magnetise them.
I'm still in awe of the Relic Contemptor. It's such a detailed kit

This is my very much WiP commander. Obviously built off the Champion from FW, I'm not sure what direction I want him to go. I know I want a different helmet, and the current chainsword arm is just a place holder. I'm thinking about using the skull helmet from the CSM plastic box as the helmet. I'll probably keep the backpack as it is. Generally re-pose it so that it doesn't just look like the stock FW model. In terms of weaponry, I'll probably go with a Thunder Hammer from the MkIV weapons set in one hand, and some sort of unusual looking third party pistol or gun.

02-04-2013, 23:18
While I know and like the helmet you mention, I don't think it would look right on a Commander. Maybe a Moritat or the Sniper character, or even a Word Bearer or Night Lord, but not convinced on an Ultramarine. Maybe if you put the crest on it.

Brother Garrod
02-04-2013, 23:22
I'd recommend looking at maxmini's line of steam knight helmets , one of which is based on the heresy era ultramarine helmet ( fourth one along )



Captain Denarius
22-07-2013, 12:19
The Shadow of a Crow
Pictured here are three Scimitar pattern Jetbikes from Donny Boyd’s 79th Company, taken at the Battle for Crow’s Nest. Boyd’s Company comprised almost entirely of mounted infantry, equipped with a range of both ground and anti-grav vehicles. The pitched battle was originally intended to be a straight forward raid, the kind the company was accustomed to.


For the first six months of the engagement, much of the 79th fought as a single formation. They operated out of an aquatic naval vessel given over to the Legion, christened Scorpion’s Sting by Boyd himself. From Scorpion’s Sting, the elite mounted company stuck at coastal bases held by the various Traitor elements. The anti-grav elements of the company particularly excelled at this role, and the remaining units were eventually traded away by Boyd for favour at Ballina’s Court or for units more suitable to his developing role.


The force Boyd was able to project all around the Zorax Basin provided the Loyalist forces with a great strategic advantage, as it prevented the Traitors from supporting their already limited aquatic assets. While the 79th still operated in the Zorax Basin, the Traitor fleet had neither a high quality port, nor suitable dry dock facilities. This had the further, and greater, advantage of forcing the Traitors to approach Seafall City via the heavily defended peninsulas it resided on.


Unfortunately Boyd’s dominance was demolished at the Battle for Crow’s Nest. The factory-fortress of Crow’s Nest was unexpectedly stormed by a regiment of the 55th Franken Las-kets. With Crow’s Nest’s considerable aquatic and spatial port facilities, the enhanced flow of resources and equipment threatened to break the encirclement the 3rd Loyalist Army had suffered so much to create.

However, the venture proved to be a trap. After Boyd’s Company engaged at Crow’s Nest, the combined Traitor Aquatic and Spatial Command lead a series of devastating raids, culminating in the destruction of Scorpion’s Sting. With the stinking of their heavily converted carrier, the company found it increasingly difficult to operation in the Zorax Basin. After a series of humiliating defeats at the hands of Traitor Army units, they were relocated to the frontier town of Burleigh.

22-07-2013, 14:33
nice colour scheme for the jetbikes and also nice clean and crisp painting! love the background as well, keep it up!

22-07-2013, 20:30
They look really nice. Shame about losing their war! :)

22-07-2013, 22:33
Nice work on those bikes and the terminators.
Keep it up :)

22-07-2013, 23:12
Yup, really nice ultramarines. Love the jetbikes especially. I actually rather like the sculpts, but the price has put me off ordering them before now. Seeing yours painted so beautifully is testing my resolve, however. :)

23-07-2013, 13:01
very nice indeed, there is something quitre refreshing about Heresy Era Ultramarines.

Captain Denarius
22-09-2013, 15:11
The Ground beneath her Hands

Security Level: Delta Cubed

Inquiry:////Battle of Aratula////

Response:///Further Specification Needed///

Inquiry:////First Battle of Aratula////

Reponse:////Received. Downloading////

The First Battle for Aratula was the Loyalist siege of an Alpha Legion base behind enemy lines, located in the small town of Aratula. The base was initially discovered after plans to destroy the Great Dam were intercepted, and traced back to an Alpha Legionary operative. As the Loyalists were hard pressed holding back the Bennett offensive, they mainly employed Army regiments, with various Mechanicum cadres attached. For several months Kayvaan Matis organised the attack on Aratula. Leading a small detache from the 77th Company, he scoured miles of the dangerous tunnels that the Army Battalions simply could not.

Marines of the 77th advance guard an Apothecary

Six months after the first landing at Konor, the plans were interceded to destroy the Great Dam. The Great Dam was the towering structure that separated the Zorax basin from the Foransas Ocean beyond, generating almost all of the entire planet’s energy. Such was the size of the Dam that it dropped the sea level in the Zorax Basin by nearly twenty metres. Destroying the Dam would cause inconceivable damage to the output of the world’s forges, and cause the Loyalist war effort across the eastern fringe to grind to a halt.

The Dam itself was protected by an ancient series of irreplaceable shields, much stronger than mid-range fire power the Traitor fleet possessed. Only a series of high explosives planted inside the super-structure could hope to cause any significant damage. The insidious plot was only prevented by quick thinking by the Puritan and the last of the Jovian Rangers.
Their base of operations was traced to the township of Aratula. Initial scans revealed a massive underground structure that stretched almost 300 metres into the earth. The base was formed from a huge concentric cylinder, with miles of tunnels leading away into the earth. Moreover, by the time Loyalist command diverted their attention to the town, the Alpha Legion had put the populace of the town to the sword, and transformed the sleepy factory into a fortress.

The battle itself was a gruelling affair for both sides. The Loyalists were already hard pressed in defence, and few Legion units could be spared from holding back the World Eaters and Word Bearers on the front line. Similarly, the Alpha Legion forces had little in the way of Legionnaries, and Traitor high command were unwilling to commit troops from orbit to either an Alpha Legion cause or one they would be unable to withdraw their troops from.

Marines with Volkite Calivers fire at opposing troops

Some of the deadliest zones of the fighting took place in the miles of tunnels radiating out from the Alpha Legion Cell. The XXth Legion used these to great effect, storming trenches from below and behind, before disappearing as son a they had appeared. Initially, veterans from the 32nd Anglic Foot Guard tried to counter these offensives, however after numerous failures topped by the disappearance of a complete company down the tunnels, Kayvaan Matis forbad any further attempts by the Army regiments.

Kayvann Matis commanding troops at Hill 546

Matis himself lead any marines that could be spared from the frontline. Totalling over a dozen raids, each with the aim of closing the dark tunnels, he eventually forcibly cut down the Alpha Legion rear-guard actions to trickle. In one instance, trapped and cut off from his troops, Matis personally cut down an Alpha Legion Tactical squad before killing the opposing commander in single combat, an act for which he was later awarded the Honour d’Ultra.

The Boatman
22-09-2013, 15:28
I really like the lovely crisp blue you've achieved on your marines - in particular I think you've done a fantatsic job on the Jetbikes and that Apothecary. Keep it up!

22-09-2013, 15:58
These marines are great! Very nice detail and the blue is wonderful!

22-09-2013, 18:34
Very nice. The background is lovely as well.

24-09-2013, 17:46
Nice take on the ultra's. the finished army will be a mighty impressive sight.