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Grand Warlord
24-05-2006, 04:22
Ok well my last RPG failed due to a number of reasons my schedule going between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd really didn't help. I do apologize but hopefully my schedule will remain mostly 1st shift as it is now and I will be able to post more effectively.

Your characters, should you want to use them, will be allowed since this will take place after Traitor. Post your characters just the same please.

Storyline is as follows:

A colonization force of nearly 1,000,000 pilgrims set out from Holy Terra in search of a new planet to spread and built the life of the Imperium. They discovered a planet, currently logged as Unknown Marker 976.23A, The planet is located dangerously close to a warp storm but someone within the high lords have deemed it necessary to contiue a colonization attempt on the planet. Due to the location in prospect to a warp storm mutant deviancy is much higher than on normal planets. Records would eventually show that it was believed an STC Device was buried deep inside the very rich ore mines of the planet... 2 birds with 1 stone if you will.

And well we can continue from there barring and thread deaths. Of course there will be enemies, for the moment it is going to be mutants, Traitor Guard/LatD, and possibly Death Guard.

1 Inquisitor (My Character for the time being)
No Space Marines
No Godly Characters
Keep Psyker powers to a safe level, dont go overboard.
(I wont kill characters unless you the PC requests it to be so.)
Humans Only Please. (Ogryns maybe)
No Xenos Please ... unless you want to be sicked on by Xhalax (assuming she plays.)

More to come as players join, questions please ask. I seek to start in 2 to 3 weeks. Oh and an issue came up last time of character interaction and the GM pushing forward. I am all for character fights but I will only allocate so much time before I continue with a mission ... character fights can always be finished after a mission. If you disagree with this let me know and I am willing to change this policy.

This is the Official OOC Thread

Scarab Swarm
24-05-2006, 19:55
I wouldn't mind being a psyker if your inquisitor isn't a Puritan and threatens to kill all those with gifts from the warp.

24-05-2006, 20:56
Doh, someone beat me to the psyker slot!

24-05-2006, 21:21
hmmm let me think of a interesting character How about a Native mutant form the planet? sort of like a guide or something like that?

24-05-2006, 22:03
Can I play Kal Hern and his assistant Jalla Falcon (Main Character and NPC)?

24-05-2006, 23:56
I'd like to play. Character coming later, work now :(

Grand Warlord
25-05-2006, 03:22
Inquisitor Lord Andrew is Puritan but as a Psyker Himself he wont kill them unless they show signs of posession.

Scarab Swarm and Biggreengribbly can be Sanction Imperial Guard Psykers but dont go overboard, maybe 1 psyker power.

BMaxwell, it really depends on how mutated your character is, I am not against it but let me see what you have in mind.

Darmort, Kal and assistant should be ok but post them up and we can go from there?

Marineofwar, welcome to the RPG... I will post Andrew soon.

25-05-2006, 07:14
Character Sheet

Name: Arlan Saul
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Appearance - Height: 5'6" - Build: Slim, whip like - dark brown hair that reaches just past his shoulders. Black eyes.
Profession: Assassin/Bounty Hunter
Equipment: Pair of curved short swords, sung from black wraith bone. 5 poison coated throwing knives. Eldar made camoline cloak
Personality: Quite, secretive. Prefers to listen and watch rather than speak. Doesn't make friends easily but when he does they can always count on him.
History: Trained in secret to kill quietly & efficiently, Arlan was sent to assassinate an Eldar Farseer who commanded an attack on an Imperial mining settlement. The Eldar easily sensed his attack and captured Arlan, But instead of killing him, the Farseer showed him why it was essential for the planet to fall, because the miners were digging very close to a Necrontyr Tomb Complex. Arlan agreed to help the Eldar remove the colonists and in return they gave him a camoline cloak from one of the famed Rangers, and made him two new swords from the finest Wraith Bone. After the destruction of the colony, knowing he could never return to Imperium, Arlan became a bounty hunter & assassin for hire.
Lord Inquisitor Andrew discovered Arlan's secret and tracked him down. The Inquisitor convinced Arlan to serve him in exchange for keeping his past quiet.

If you have any problems PM and we'll work them out.

Scarab Swarm
25-05-2006, 10:21
Name: Codename 604, "Sarah"
Age: 10
Sex: Female
Appearance - Height: 4'10" - Build: Pale skin, black hair, brown eyes, body like a stick. Wears a red dress.
Profession: Psychic experiment specimen
Equipment: Tiara of arcane origins secured tightly around her head. Similar arcane jewelry such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, belt, and ankle bracelets adorns her small and fragile frame.
Personality: Like all psykers, a very odd individual. Might be unpredictable at times, and is terrified of strangers, but very obedient to Inquisitors.
Psychic Powers:
-Detector of the Tainted, capable of sensing the presence of Chaos well before most psykers.
-Psychic Amplifier, capable of being used as a medium by another powerful psyker to triple their psychic strength. Doing so might cause Sarah to go through a psychic boom, in which her tiara and other jewelry would quickly knock her out cold before she could harm anyone. The chance of this is rare though.
-Thrall, capable of having her psychic power sucked out by another psyker so they can restore themselves at the expense of Sarah.
History: One of the 1000 genetically altered psychic children in a secret pilot program to "grow" very powerful psykers for the Imperium, Number 604, nicknamed "Sarah", was considered a failed design. Though over half of the experiments were failures due to their incompatibility to the Warp, or their inability to control their powers (and were swiftly destroyed), the few that survived experienced adequate psychic powers, more or less. Sarah was perfectly in tune with the Warp, capable of detecting Chaos taint even gifted Inquisitors may not sense properly. To the experimenters' dismay, her psychic gifts seemed to have stopped developing from there, or slowed down drastically, unable to keep up with the remaining successes. Though a failure in design, she was kept alive to see the full effects of her psychic development, so the next batch of psychic children could be created with more success. Her sensitivity to Chaos causes her much pain in small doses of Perils of the Warp, but Sarah was used often by the Inquisition to seek out the most covert cultist activities on different worlds, frozen in cryo-sleep while travelling through space to keep her from growing and having a chance to become a danger unnecessarily. In reality, she was treated like a Dreadnaught, but without the respect. The arcane jewelry she wears serve as a safeguard system to minimize Warp influence on Sarah (eases the pain), and at the same time keeps her own psychic potency in check, just in case she goes through a psychic boom in power and turns on those in charge of her (generally those in charge of her are not very friendly towards her). The jewelry needs to be charged by an Inquisitor, so overall Sarah always obeys an Inquisitor above everyone else because only an Inquisitor can ease her pain.

Currently, Sarah is in cryo-sleep, in transit to aid one Inquisitor Lord Andrew on Unknown Marker 976.23A.

There ya go, a creepy psyker girl in the mix! I gave Sarah some interesting abilities to make up for the fact she has no real psychic power of her own. If anything needs changing, let me know.

25-05-2006, 14:30
I have more free time at the moment - see if the old RPing muscles still work :)

Name: Jakken Skartha
Type: Gunslinger
Rank: N/A
Affiliation: Imperium (some would say 'self')
Appearance: 5'11", medium build. Long dark brown hair, green eyes.
-Flak jacket
-Black tunic
-Black leggings
-Dark green bandana
-Mk IX Godwyn-pattern Bolter
-2 MkV Mars-pattern Laspistols

Background: Recruited by Inquisitor Trask from the slums of Ghorran, where Jakken had scratched out a living as a smuggler and thief on the run from the Arbites. Working for whichever of the brutal hive gangs would pay him best, and not above turning on former employers in exchange for even more cash, Jakken built up a reputation in the underhive as a man who could get a job done: smuggling, espionage, theft and assassination, all could be conducted for the right price. Investigating rumours of heretical activities in the hives of Ghorran, Inquisitor Trask heard of Jakken's fearsome reputation. He hunted him down and offered him a choice: acceptance into his service or be handed over to the Arbites. The scoundrel agreed, and became part of Trask's retinue. He fought well at the Inquisitor's side, a cocky and self-assured presence alongside his dour and calculating master.

After the Inquisitor's mysterious disappearance, he somehow became affiliated to the Inquisitor in charge of this mission (tbc when I know more)

25-05-2006, 15:15
Okay, here's what I was thinking. Obviously not an IG sanctioned psyker I know, but I shall await your opinion on this one (btw, she is not a 'true' psyker in a sense, the doesn't see herself has having psyker powers. They are simply abilities she was trained to use instinctively. I believe the term is a 'wyrd')

Name: Niko
Age: 22

Sex: Female
Appearance: 5'4" - Slim, though obviously no weakling. Wears skin tight mesh armour only to protect vital areas. Carries over a dozen knives and daggers of different sizes and styles.

Niko's past is shrouded in nearly as much mystery as Niko herself, though Inquisitor Andrew has learned a grood deal more of it than any other. She was born near one of many trading districts on the planet of Kanthar. Her father died mysteriosly before she was born. Disturbed by the unntural shadows that seemed to flicker around her daughter, Niko's mother was glad to hand her to the stranger claiming to be a member of the Ecclesiarchy. Actually the mysterious stranger was a member of a cult of who considered themselves the hand of the Emperor upon Kanthar. They believed that the ruling class of the planet were becoming more and more corrupt. And so. sought through assassination to allow the more loyal servants of the Emperor the opportunity to rule. One of the cults members had sensed in Niko great potential. So she was quickly inducted and began her training.

Over the years, the mysterious ways shadows behaved around her that had scared her mother slowly manifested itself more and more, and she began to find that she could manipulate them. After much effort and practice, she gained such mastery over this ability, that darkness and shadow began instinctively bending itself to her will.

When word of the planets corruption had finally spread to the Inquisition. Niko was one of the first members of the cult to make contact with the Inquisitor. Recognizing her Talents and impressed by her dedication to service to the Emperor, after the removal of the taint from the planet, the Inquisitor 'acquired' her services as a member of his retinue.

She now stands at Lord Inquisitor Andrews side, a shadow clad dispenser of Imperial Judgement.

Grand Warlord
25-05-2006, 15:27
Antaeus, Welcome aboard.

Biggreenribbly, oh ok that makes sense yeah that is fine.

Grand Warlord
25-05-2006, 16:22
As promised, Inquisitor Lord Andrew:

Puritan, Pathos [Istvaanian/Monodominant]

Ws-99 Bs-83 S-70 T-70 I-100
Wp-93 Sg-97 Nv-97 Ld-89 Speed-6

Imperial Absolution:
Bolt Pistol, x2 Standard Reloads. x1 Kraken Clip
Imperial Justice:
Plasma Pistol
Master-Crafted Power Sword
Shock Maul
x2 Fragmentation Grenades
x1 Stasis Grenade
x2 Tanglefoot Grenades
Carapace Armor [Chest/Abdomen/Groin] (Armor: 6)
Bonded: Ceramite/Reflective
Flak Armor [Arms/Legs] (Armor: 3)
Pentagrammic Wards
Advanced Bionic Eye:
Motion Tracker Auspex

This is what he would be in the actual Inquisitor RPG, im just lazy and copied and pasted him ... Background is WIP will update asap.

25-05-2006, 16:42
Crap, do we actually have to have some knowledge of 'Inquisitor' to play? Crap, guess I'd better have a more serious look at the rules then. Though I doubt there'll be much covering the kind of shadow stuff I had in mind.

25-05-2006, 20:59
I wouldn't worry about it GW just use's Andrew in inq games he plays so he already has the rules for them and everything

am I right?

25-05-2006, 23:17
Name - Kal Hern
Sex - Male
Age - 31
Race - Human
Type - Rogue Trader/Bounty Hunter

Equipment - Kal's armoury is fairly specialized. He bears a master crafted needle pistol loaded with explosive needles, designed to shatter armour and bones to decapitate his opponents, rather than kill. He also bears a Van Saar built stubgun, built with a scope, silencer and is built a lot like a Western revolver. Kal wears a suit of mesh armour and strapped to his thigh is an Escher made longsword, designed for duelling more than anything. Around his person, Kal has a couple of thin bladed knives here and there.

Appearance - Kal is a blonde, blue eyed enthusastic Rogue Trader, but wears something much akin to an Inquisitor Witch Hunter, a long trench coat, graying clothing, hardened boots, and a gun belt here, there, and everywhere.

History - Kal will share his history when he's good and ready. The only thing about him is that he and Jalla, his lover and sidekick, once raided a Goliath compound with a Deathworlder, who Kal won't share details with, who could 'camoflauge' himself to get rid of a dangerous enemy of Jalla's Escher Gang, the Midnight Falcons. Kal gained his revolver from that particular expedition.

Name - Jalla Mid-Falcon
Sex - Female
Age - 26
Race - Necromundian Human
Type - Ganger/Bounty Hunter

Equipment - Jalla bears two Escher built duelling swords, a suit of mesh armour, and has a pair of laspistols, as well as a large assortment of knives hidden around her person. Boots, between the breasts, thighs, behind her back, in her hair, you name it, there's probably one there.

Appearance - Jalla bears purple tattoos over her legs, arms, belly and head, all of which are visable through her purple tinged mesh armour. Her other clothing is green, and is made of metal, including a short, sleeveless, shoulderless shirt, which is rather shapely and revealing. Her crotch is covered by more metal, form fitting, reaching around quarter way down her thighs. Her boots are leather, but are studded with metal, and have some two inch spikes on the toe for kicking.

History - Jalla is merely following Kal, as his companion. All she says is that she betrayed her gang with Kal to raid the Goliaths, and was glad she did. She gained an Off-worlder flower from that little adventure; a red rose, and then wound up fighting with Kal, the rest of her gang and a few others against a horde of Scavvies, only to fight some Scavvie preacher of some kind, which 'spoke' of having fought Jalla before. Jalla killed the 'Preacher', but lost the rest of her former Gang, and since she'd committed herself to Kal, she followed him.

Twin History - Jalla and Kal were found smuggling some kind of medic-aids, from a planet called Banos III to Armageddon to aid with their wounded, by the Inquisition, and they were offered an Ultimatum; help the Inquisition in a single mission or be declared Heretics and be shot by the Adaptus Arbites. They took the Ultimatum, and were registered to help Lord Inquisitor Andrew until they've completed their mission (note that they were assigned to Inquisitor Andrew, rather than picked or volunteered for his mission).
Other than that, it's obvious they're lovers, and they seem to like listening to old Twentieth century Terran rock Recreationals.

Hope that's okay with you.

General Samuel of the 101
26-05-2006, 00:19
Adeptus Mechanicus Techpriest Ezekiel

Equipment:Ezekiel guards againts the Foul weaponry of the Xenos with a Full Suit of power armour(except his head),He carries a Blessed Bolt Pistol that have killed thousands of Eldar and a Power Axe that have Carried Foul death to Infidels Greenkins,apart from that he carries 2 reloads of bolts and a Bionic Eye

Appearance-Ezekiel is a tall man(his power armour making him look even taller)
Of Grey Penetrating eyes and Black Hair,the power armour is Amazingly Decorated(think inquisitor Tyrus)

History-A Faithfull servant to the Machine God,he has seem action againts any kind of xenos be it the Necrontyr(he does not aproves the necron being the machine god favoured) or the Tau,he was always seem has a man with no past,but some sources date his birth on planet Cadia,he prefers to work alone,his attitude even trought Grim he has always Hope as the Xenos know no one!

Grand Warlord
26-05-2006, 06:51
As stated before, from BMaxwell, I already have a premade profile for Andrew and no you dont need to understand the Inquisitor Rules as this will remain a text based RPG.

Darmort, looks fine to me.

General Samuel of the 101, looks fine to me as well.

26-05-2006, 07:49
Aha. Okay, stupid me jumping to conclusions. :rolleyes:

26-05-2006, 11:20
Cool, thanks Warlord. *puts sunglasses on* *can't see* *runs into things*

I actually toned them down a bit... her original armament was twin Power Swords, twin Laspistols and twin-easy-grip twenty shot Shotguns, while Kal had two of those Needle guns, a Dark Age Sniper Rifle and camo-knife, and a backpack full of explosives... as well as what he had before...

Antaeus - Did you know you have the best avatar on the Forum? :p

26-05-2006, 12:33
Naturally, my friend. Naturally :D

26-05-2006, 15:49
Ill maybe join up

26-05-2006, 16:30
Okay here's the mutant hopefully its not to much.

Name: Gray "Void" Jules
Age: 15
Gender: No Gender (hey he's a mutant (Im gonna use he just to make it easy))

Type: Mutant

Equipment: Rusty knife, tattered cothles

Apreance: A person with the face of a Man but the body (minus the Female trademarks Ie Breast's) on his fingers long nails allmost claw like.

Background: Born with out a gender Gray was cast out form his family which lived on one of the upper spires. He was forced to live in the slums

I will finish this later gotta go to class now

27-05-2006, 15:51
Name: Logan Faust

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Concept: Guild Assassin

Appearance: Logan is a black man of average height and athletic build. His head is bald and his eyes catch the light in a strange way in low light conditions. His canines are longer than those of a normal human. His usual atire consists of a black mesh armour body suit with combat webbing with holsters for his two needle pistols and a scabbard for his power sword as well as sheathes for his throwing knives. He wears a skull mask which gives him the appearance of an Eversor assassin of the Officio Assassinorum.

Equipment: Mesh armour, 2 Needle pistols, Power sword, Combat drug glands, Skull mask with photo filters to allow him to be active in sunlight without discomfort. Infra vision tissue grafts on his eyes to allow him to see heat signatures but at the cost of severe light sensitivity. 6 throwing knives.

Unusual Abilities: Vampire, Pariah

Background: A recent addition to Inquisitor Andrews team, Logan was recruited from the hive world of Kovera III. The world was famous for it's guild of assassins, usually recruited from humans who have slight and barely visible forms of mutation. His talents as a pariah are what marked him out amongst his fellow assassins and it was that talent which made him a worthy addition to Andrews team. His demeanor is that of a man who has seen things that should not be seen and his sanity has been called into question many a time.

Hope this is cool Grand Warlord. You might notice some similarities to some of my previous characters. ;) Good to be back. :D

27-05-2006, 17:12
wow, we sure have a lot of assassins in here don't we lol. I'm quite willing to run up a new character so we have a little variety in here!

I have plenty of ideas running around and could knock one up as soon as word was given!

General Samuel of the 101
27-05-2006, 19:18
Well,mine a Techpriest
but when it will start?

Grand Warlord
27-05-2006, 23:16
I am going to spend tonight finalizing the current characters and bringing up any necessary changes. It will start early next week as Memorial Day is this weekend and I have family plans to attend to.

28-05-2006, 22:38
So, GW. Are you cool with the number of Assissn/Bounty hunter type characters you have or do you want me to knock up something a little different? It's no trouble if you do.

Grand Warlord
29-05-2006, 02:43
Yeah thats fine ill have a final post soon of all ok'd characters and I am looking forward to starting by wednesday, if that works for all of you?

Now when it comes to posting I will generally post atleast 1 time a day, and depending on where we are in a particular scene I may way for a majority of you all to post, I will try to tell you when those times occur.

So, anymore questions or comments or concerns before we start?

29-05-2006, 15:19
Warlord - Yeah, is it okay if I join in later? I've got a holiday coming up from the 2nd of June to the 9th of June, so I won't be able to post (and I mean at all).

Grand Warlord
29-05-2006, 17:13
Ok, thats fine I understand would you rather me work you in or just wait for you to start posting when you get back?

30-05-2006, 20:48
Whatever you feel fine with. If the rest of the guys are willing to wait, then fine by me, if they want to start, that's fine with me so I'll be worked in. Mind, the advantage of starting later is that people get in more revision (and thus, fail their tests... :p).

Grand Warlord
31-05-2006, 14:52
Ok Darmort when you get back just start posting i dont expect to bee too deep in fighting by then

Link to thread:

31-05-2006, 19:23
Got room for one more? all the rps I was in seem to be dead or heading that way fast.

31-05-2006, 19:28
Well, we've only just started today so slip a character in and wait for GW's call on it. I shouldn't forsee there being a problem in an extra body for the party

Grand Warlord
01-06-2006, 01:44
Go Ahead and post a character and we will go from there.

04-06-2006, 21:57
Hey Scarab, how does 'Sarah's psychic amplification work? Do all psykers within close proximity to her find their powers amplified regardless or does it have to be a conscious tapping into her abilities from either the psyker or Sarah herself?

Grand Warlord
05-06-2006, 01:26
For now it will just increase the pskyers power (Close Proximity I may increase it later) slight increase nothing overpowering.

Scarab Swarm
05-06-2006, 11:25
Sarah's psychic amplifier can only be used by one psyker at a time. It either makes the psychic power more potent, or spreads farther. The psyker will have to touch Sarah with both hands for it to work. It's like how a magic wand works. The wizard uses his/her power to manipulate the wand so the wand will draw power and release a spell. The psyker uses his own psychic power to manipulate Sarah into drawing Warp energy and releasing a psychic power. It has the "amplifying" effect because the psyker only has to worry about the manipulation on Sarah, instead of having to manipulate their own energy and then use their own energy to draw Warp energy, while at the same time Sarah uses all of her own energy in drawing the proper Warp energy without needing reserves for control, because control lies with the psyker.

05-06-2006, 11:29
Cool. So it's a conscious 'I am using this sprog to boost my power' not a general 'my pschic powers are stronger, it must be something to do with this kid'.

Got it. Cheers mate

Grand Warlord
06-06-2006, 04:01
Emergency Moving for me be back wednesday night or thursday

06-06-2006, 04:41
@GW: Room for one more?

@Antaeus: Welcome back?

@M@L@L: Didn't you have a hammerwielding circus acrobat character back on portent?

06-06-2006, 07:39
Yes I did Harlequin. =P Good to see you again Tycho. ;)

06-06-2006, 16:28
If I can, I'll join. Heres my characer.

Name- Johann Elevna
Race/Home planet- Necromundian human
Career- Priest
Equipment- Blood stained, long, billowing, tattered, white robes. Eviscerator. Small Autopistol w/ small flamer thing (its in the zealot article in WD, but I don't have it to hand right now). Gun has ammo for about 100 shots/ 1 hour of sustained flamer fire. Small medalion with unidentified symbol
Description- Tall but muscled, with black hair and black eyes (although sometimes they glint with a little red), scars cover his chest and upper arms, but he refuses to show any one
History- He once lead a cawdor gang but after a battle with their bitter enemies 'The Zombies' he was lsot. Years later his old gang members in the 'Crimson Zealots' found him bot decided to throw him out into the sewers because they had found a new leader. After a few hours of swimming for his life he reemerged with rats swarming about him and slaughtered the treacherous Cawdor. He was arrested by local Arbites but then handed over to the Inquisitor who was passing through.

Grand Warlord
10-06-2006, 14:08
Ok I am back just a bit later than anticipated.

Gutta for now Im going to hold your character in reserves.

10-06-2006, 14:10
Yay, then I guess we can get going again, that is if any of the others are still interested lol!

Grand Warlord
10-06-2006, 14:18
I hope so lol If not then I understand but I really couldnt help it with this sudden move.

11-06-2006, 08:04
Room for one more?

11-06-2006, 13:08
been out of the loop can some one give me a update on what's going on?

Grand Warlord
12-06-2006, 01:53
We are assembling at the drop pods for the next phase of the mission .. .update tmw.

12-06-2006, 01:55
Guess not.

Grand Warlord
12-06-2006, 02:04
I am still considering it ... depening on how many p;ayers I still have ... i would lean closer to yes I ll know for sure tmw..