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Short Bearded One
16-03-2013, 07:22
Armageddon 1st Pioneer Reconnaissance Regiment

The Pioneer Reconnaissance Regiment was raised from engineer and reconnaissance units during the third war for Armageddon to act as an advance force for super heavy formations as they made their way through terrain that had primarily been enemy occupied. It was common practice for renegade saboteurs to weaken the Hive superstructure underneath key crossing points for armour, this caused high casualty rates amongst the Armageddon formations, in particular the 8th Super Heavy Tank company. The Pioneers were able to function far enough ahead of the armoured regiments that engineer reports on vital paths and structures could be completed before the main advance arrived. They possessed sufficient fire-power to engage enemy forces and were mobile enough to withdraw effectively from an entrenched or numerically superior enemy. After the war the regiment was formally established and awarded honours for their role in the Third War for Armageddon. To this day the Regiment wears the shoulder-flash of the Armageddon campaign, a rarity amongst the Steel Legion as they are the only regiment raised after the war to do so.


Now I know everyone hates walls of text, so I've just started with a small one... And two less than great pics, better pics to follow now that I've worked out the scheme and more importantly, the basing style.

Test paint. The green looks really flat in this but it's much nicer in the flesh, I'll work on some better pics. He's still to get a coat of varnish and some gloss on the goggles.
http://i1095.photobucket.com/albums/i468/Splod89/734595_10151499707079593_191524608_n_zps1297cd26.j pg

And here's a shot of the base, I had so much trouble getting a base that I liked. I was trying to hit just the right amount of green without coming out looking like 2nd end 40k basing. I'm really happy with this result. This will most likely become a sentinel base. There are six of them to come afterall.
http://i1095.photobucket.com/albums/i468/Splod89/600220_10151499697774593_416804267_n_zpse40a5358.j pg

My plan is to get a platoon painted up along with their rides, and then move on from there.

16-03-2013, 08:47
Cool work on that base bud..

16-03-2013, 10:16
Like that base ! Looks realy good, i cant make bases so i just enjoy others doing a great job :)
The Picture of the trooper is blured, so i would ask you to please take a new one, as id like to see some more.

17-03-2013, 22:01
Nice base. I like the idea for this army and I'm looking forward to more.

17-03-2013, 22:08
Nice scheme. How many points you doing

18-03-2013, 09:02
yup, that is an extremely nice base. very natural looking in terms of both colours and placement of 'objects'