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16-03-2013, 20:10
Ok, so a little bit of a back story here,

Went to a 40k Doubles at WW a while back, and once again me and my partner had some mild success and several pastings with our 'nid forces, usually at the hands of Space Marines of various forms. Over lunch on day 2 my apparent love of custard spilled into potentially a new army idea, the Ambrosia Marines. The conversation wandered around which book would be best to base such a notion on (Custard chalice, cries of Custard for the Custard God etc) and all was in good jest.

Next time out we took the Boys in Blue, in a "cant beat them, join them" at which point there were comments passed as to "where were the Ambrosia Marines" I promised "next time there's marines". And I like the idea of something away from the "vanilla" Ultrammarines...

So Warseer, I ask all of you which Marine book should I base this slightly odd notion on? It's likely to be for a fun army and side project for a while, but I want to make a start!
Suggestions made are
Grey Knights
Blood Angels

Suggestions, alternatives, things to include? lets see what we get?

Horus Lupercal
16-03-2013, 20:29

All sorts of custard craziness!! Custard cannons (sonic blasters) cuszerkers!! Custard plague marines who were left out of the fridge!!!!

16-03-2013, 21:06
Custard plague marines who were left out of the fridge!!!!

Curdled Marines?

Also, Thousand Sons could be custard filled! You could model them having custard oozing out of the armor joints. The Heldrake could be some sort of giant airborne custard filled pastry with a pastry bag for the bale flamer spewing custard.

Horus Lupercal
16-03-2013, 21:28
And the custard brute.

A giant metallic mutant cow who spews warp custard.

16-03-2013, 22:37
If your making your own custard marines make sure you use vanilla pods!