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17-03-2013, 17:29
First of all, sorry to bother everyone if the questions were answerd before...
Secondly, few questions:
1. Malcador, it is said that he had psychic abilities second only to the Emperor. My question is, what about Magnus? Was he more powerful than Magnus(not the demon prince Magnus, but still loyal Magnus)?
2. Alpha Legion...yes, I know, there are no definitive answers about any question regarding this legion, but I am reading "Deliverance Lost" now, and it seems that AL joined Horus because they are still loyal to the Emperor, and they want to fight heresy in a form of double agent(i.e. siding with Horus to ensure his defeat, because if he wins, humanity (along side with chaos) will be destroyed)...Is that true, and if it is, what is their current (41st mil) allegiance/plan?
3. Blood Ravens...no, it is not another "are they Thousand sons" question...But, for the sake of question, lets say they do originate from TS (well, I lied, it is another "are they Thousand sons" question. Will, kinda), and they know that...Why hide it? Wouldn't that make them super awesome in the eyes of the Imperium? Yes, Inquisition is kinda hostile to anything even remotely chaosy, or chaos related, but BR are loyal remnants of traitor legion...They stared in the face of chaos...and Chaos blinked first...Back in the good ol' days, loyal members of traitor legions were "rewarded" by creating Grey knights... Should BR be used as posterchild of Imperium, as example of turning away from chaos?
Again, sorry if these questions were answerd before, I searched the forum history, and find no answers

17-03-2013, 18:21
1. No idea. Not enough is really known about Malcador yet.

2. That appears to have been true, at least for some of the AL. Their current status is pretty unexplored, as this new theme has only really appeared in HH literature to my knowledge. Regardless, there are most definitely many AL in M41 who have fallen to Chaos, there may be some left adhering to the original idea, but it seems unlikely IMHO. The HH seems to be hinting at a rift between the two Primarchs, with one possibly embracing Chaos and the other not. Even so, I think even the non-Chaos bunch will have had their ideals pretty corrupted by M41.

3. The TS were considered disloyal before the Legion joined Horus, I can't imagine the Imperium would view them as anything other than potentially corrupt should the 'truth' be known. Furthermore, the Imperium wants to deny the existence of the traitor legions, to pretend that it didn't happen. To draw attention to a small band who stayed loyal just highlights the fact that many thousands did not.