View Full Version : tau...getting out the paint brush...finally

borag manhunter
17-03-2013, 21:55
well ive been collecting tau for just over a year now and as yet only have shadowsun painted :o
after seeing all the tau rumours and seeing spaghettyhoop's awesome paintjobs ive decided to kick start my own log.
ive chosen the standard tau scheme as i really love the look allthough im going for a battle worn appearance like off the front cover of the current codex.
ive been working on my cascade suits first and i think its safe to say im VERY happy with the results so far!
ive still got lots to do (osl,battle damage,symbols,black,white etc) but heres where it stands so far
it looks pretty messy from the pic but it doesnt show irl and im hoping the damage will add to it
and just a bit of fun
YOU....SHALL NOT......PASS!!!!

also any suggestions on how to reduce the size of the pics would be appreciated

17-03-2013, 22:18
Cheers for the name drop and kind words :D

The X-9 series of suits are amazing, infact im planning to order a few of the fusion cascade models myself soon! Have you got a squad or just the one so far?

I do like the standard Tau colour scheme! One of the better default ones GW have come up with! Im looking forward to seeing the OSL on them guns! Lots of vents and places to have light beaming out from :)

borag manhunter
18-03-2013, 04:06
i have 2 at the mo and they do really well in game despite there gun str, and are pretty tough too! the osl is the part im looking forward too the most!