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18-03-2013, 11:36
Hi all,

Must give apologies first but this project is already about 50% done. Its a small Eldar army intended as Allies or maybe for smaller games. Basically its never going to be a 3500point monster!

I was really inspired to paint some Eldar when I saw this figure on Coolminiornot http://www.coolminiornot.com/231686?browseid=4694398 I loved the colours and gritty unknowable alien feel! ha!

So borrowing the colour scheme here is where I am at the moment. As I said about 50% done and I need to pick out some details and final highlights.

Should post the whole army in the next day or two.

Thanks in advance for any feedback - very much appreciated!


18-03-2013, 23:25
This looks cool, I really like the weathering

19-03-2013, 13:16
This looks cool, I really like the weathering

thanks buddy - I used Vallejo pigments for the weathering - wanted to give the impression that they were on a dusty Mars like world. The pigments are great and well worth picking up. I spayed some artists fixative on the bases and it seems to have locked the colour down.

21-03-2013, 10:45
looking good!

27-03-2013, 14:44
Hey guys

sorry for the delay - here are the rest of the gang - almost finished now just want to neaten the odd thing up.

The photos are a bit dark - will try and work on that.

Comments welcome :-) 167448167449167450167451167452167453167454167455