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Fighting Newfoundlander
19-03-2013, 17:36
So any opinions would be apprecaited. I know I have no magic. Do you think I can make it into their battle line w/o any magic defence?

DP - flight, breath, soul feeder, scaled skin, MoN, charmed shield, +1 to hit sword (390)


12 Trolls
2x5 vanguard dogs

2x Chimera

4 SC c/s/m/ + banner of re-roll 1 ld test.

What do people think? I'm so so on 3 vunerable monsters. Was thinking of ditching DP and 2x Chimera and taking a MoK BSB mounted w/ ward saves and 11 or 12 MoK Knights and 2 untis of 3x SC instead of the 1 unit of 4 in this list. Would that work better do you think?

20-03-2013, 05:34
Well you have lots of fast or tough units.
And at 2000 there will only be so many cannon-type shots coming out, so surely some of the list will hit combat.
I don't see how the list deals very well with solid sized infantry blocks.
I think you have lots of premium units there and no really filler, (yes there are dogs) so once you loose one or two elements of your army the rest will struggle.
Having said that the bext thing is to get them on the board and see how it works out.

20-03-2013, 12:41
I would pay for Regen and Breathweapons on the Chimeras, and I would split the trolls into two units rather than one big, they're still putting out enough damage even in only two ranks of three. A smaller footprint also helps combo-charges.

Fighting Newfoundlander
20-03-2013, 20:28
Thanks for the feedback! I had a look, and I had just enough points left over for regen and breath on the two Chimera. Was wondering what was suggested with big blocks of infantry? I was thinking that the big unit of Trolls with Throgg would be well set-up to deal with large hordes, but what else whould you suggest?

Do people like the above list, with Regen and Breath on the Chimeras, or the following better?

Exalted BSB w/ MoK, steed, Halbert, 4+ ward, Ironcurse, Burning Body and Soul Feeder

12 Trolls (Throgg goes here)
2x5 vanGuard Dogs

7 MoK Knights w/ EW and M/S (BSB goes here)
5 MoK Knights w/ EW and M

2x3 SC w/ Mus and EW

Thoughts? Would this do better against blocks of troops or not?

20-03-2013, 22:57
i like the idea of the DP to be honest. run him MON and give him charmed shield, sword of striking and the dragon bane gem. give him level 1 or 2 and the chaos familar. any other upgrades are up to you.i say MON and wizard levels because the lore of nurgle spells can give regen and buff regen for your army. for the bsb, i find that with the troll lists, the bsb works best when he is MOT, on a disc, and kitted out to survive. then throgg.

fill core with trolls and i would split trolls into two units. keep the hounds too, they are so good. i like the two units of skull crushers, they are nasty.( you wont make many friends with them.) for the knights....i would drop the unit of 5 completely. with the unit of 7, i would consdider dropping them to 6 and drop the MOK. Run them nurgle and they will destroy almost anything in combat. i say loose khorne, because i find that having a hard hitting unit like them, gives you options with where you want to charge. u already have two units of skull crushers with frenzy. with the points dropped from small knights, u could add a chimera with regen.

now the hard part is where to cut for the prince. if you dont take a chimera, then thats a start. you could drop second unit of skull crushers and keep the one unit and make it a unit of 4. or just not run the prince and keep the chimera and the two units of SC...

these are just some things i noticed and i personall like to try out when i run a throgg list.

Fighting Newfoundlander
20-03-2013, 23:10

I like the idea of the MoT BSB. Hadn't thought about using the 'unkillable' like that near those units of Trolls. I'm going to have to think over the DP thing. Not sure about Throgg a BSB and a DP all in 2000 pts. Much more character heavy then I usually like to go.

I was going to keep the Trolls big for two reasons. 1) less chance of it being picked apart and Throgg not getting a LOS roll and 2) If it's a big scarry unit my opponent is more likely to target it, and I'd rather have him shooting my Trolls than just about anything else I'll be bringing. Nonetheless, I'll try out the 2 units of 6 as well and see which I prefer.

What units do people use for dealing with big blocks of troops? Is the thoughts that WoC do that better than Trolls?

20-03-2013, 23:34
well, that big block of trolls can take on just about any unit. the nice thing about a throgg list, is that it can be heavy on characters. In my opinion, the bsb isnt needed as much with a single block of trolls and throgg. the bsb can babysit the second one. so if you were to go a single big block of trolls, you could in theory, drop the bsb and that frees up pts for the DP. the nice thing about the DP is getting the magic to buff the entire army or regen, and to provide another serious threat in combat.

warriors are pretty much the back bone of a normal army. but the nice thing about the WOC book is that there are so many good choices, so there really isnt a wrong choice.

Fighting Newfoundlander
20-03-2013, 23:52
I totally get that warriors are a backbone unit. I just see them as so much slower than most of the rest of a WoC army that they slow the whole thing down. It's an extra turn of shooting your opponent gets and with Empire or Dwarves, who I fight a lot, I just can't see being able to take the hits and still be a threat once I reach them. Thus the Throgg list. But he does mean that it's too easy to end up with a lot of characters if you add a decent wizard and a BSB.

Maybe I'm underestimating the warriors, but I just think about how many of my T4 Orcs die getting into a fight, and if I lost half as many warriors I wouldn't have an army left.

21-03-2013, 03:35
i see where you are coming from with the shooting. i think your core works fine with a throgg list, lots of trolls and regen. thats also why i mentioned nurgle magic, to increase regen and add regen to units that dont have it.

Fighting Newfoundlander
21-03-2013, 23:00
Thanks for all the pointers Z. I'll keep 'em in mind.

Fighting Newfoundlander
22-03-2013, 02:33
So, tending towards something like the above, or a more monster lis, which with your advise might look more like this. Still not sure how to fit a BSB in though. Like the MoT idea. Just couldn't make it fit w/ 2 Chimera:

DP - Lev 3 MoN, wings, armor, breath, soulfeeder, scaled skin, +1 hit sword, charmed shld, 1xarmor reroll


5 hounds, van
5 hounds, van
7 Trolls
6 Trolls

Chimera w/ regen
Chimera w/ regen, breath

3 SC w/ ew + M/S