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21-03-2013, 16:37
Fantasy Army: Lizardmen
Saurus Oldblood
Bane Head, Burning Blade of Chotec, Charmed Shield, Cold One, Dawnstone, Light Armour

Skink Priest
Ancient Stegadon with Engine of the Gods, Diadem of Power, Hand Weapon

Skink Priest
Cube of Darkness

Skink Priest
Curse-Charm of Tepok, Dispel Scroll

2x Jungle Swarm

25x Saurus Warriors
Champion Musician Standard Bearer

10x Skink Skirmisher
10x Skink Skirmisher

10x Skink cohorts
10x Skink cohorts
10x Skink cohorts

5x Chameleon
5x Chameleon


Ancient Stegadon

3x Salamander

Used the oldblood as a scarvet cowboy to get round comp, skink council to negate magic while I get on with business, wouldn't mind another priest with channel staff/feedback scroll but couldn't fit it with the engine.
Jungle swarms to spedbump (no overrun) and enough chaff drops to put the stegs and Saurus where I want.

21-03-2013, 21:46
Looks pretty good.
The Oldblood already has a 1+ without light armour so you might as well get another skink or something instead.

I like the idea of the skink council, gives you pretty good magic defence even without a slann.

I would split up the salamander's into 2 units. 2 and 1.

Pretty good list though, I like it.

21-03-2013, 21:53
Thanks! :yes:
Yea i only caught that the other day, will probs take the ironcurse icon (even though i hate it) on the engine priest. Sallies are only together because other tourneys comp them to one unit

21-03-2013, 22:35
Do you have any concerns with only being max leadership 8 wiht no BSB?

22-03-2013, 00:23
It did occur to me, but then again what would you have; re-roll within 12" of one dude or your entire army take its Ld on 3d6?:)

22-03-2013, 17:39
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