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22-03-2013, 18:03
Hi all,

I have a question about warp storms. Why is the Eye of Terror seemingly the only warp storm that needs to be guarded from incursion by Chaos forces? Forgive me if I'm missing fluff that indicates otherwise, but I've never seen anything to suggest that the space around the other storms is as heavily garrisoned as the Eye.

The Lexicanum has a map showing the number of warp storms in the universe (http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/File:Notable_warpstorms.jpg#.UUyb7Dd0QtA); again, forgive me if this fluff has been rendered obsolete. The map indicates fifteen separate warp storms, including the Eye. Now, assuming that the warp is a dimension that is completely connected at all points and is essentially an entire other universe living in parallel to ours, why don't Chaos forces travel though the warp dimension and attack through one of the other warp storms? In relation to that, why are the other warp storms not as apparently garrisoned by Imperial forces to prevent this happening?

The Lexicanum article that map is connected to does seem to make a differentiation between warp storms and warp rifts. Is the Eye a warp rift, whereas the other eyes are simply disruptions in the warp that interfere with FTL travel?

I'd be interested to hear people's opinions.

22-03-2013, 18:06
Short answer: it's not.

Large warp storm areas such as the Maelstrom are also guarded/patrolled by Imperial fleets/space marine chapters.

22-03-2013, 18:10
Short answer: it's not.

Large warp storm areas such as the Maelstrom are also guarded/patrolled by Imperial fleets/space marine chapters.

Ah, interesting. I'd appreciate it if you could reference some fluff that indicates Imperial activities in the region, I'd be intrigued to read it. :)

22-03-2013, 18:15
For the Maelstrom specifically I'd start with Chaos Space Marines (the last two books). It talks about how renegade chapters don't necessarily make their way to the Eye and will instead plague shipping lanes with pirate activities. Huron Blackheart, Red Corsairs renegade chapter (see also the Badab War) is the most infamous resident of the Maelstrom currently, and I believe the most recent fluff indicates his forces have swelled exponentially in recent years.

22-03-2013, 18:18
Anything discussing the Badab War tends to mention it, either directly or more broadly. It's sometimes circuitously mentioned, I think, when the White Scars are dealt with in detail.

It's not only an Imperial problem either. The Eldar as a race tend to take a very strong position on blocking off, guarding or actively dealing with warp storms when they begin to interfere with their own affairs (a base-line approach is sealing off sections of the webway).

The Tau also have their own issues, I'm recalling that the Codex: Tau Empire discusses (in passing) a fleet which interdicts the Perdus Rift Anomaly.

Throughout the Dark Heresy et al roleplaying game books there's much made of the Imperium's (and others') efforts in guarding, interdicting, forbidding or otherwise working against such warp anomalies too.

22-03-2013, 18:19
The difference between the Eye of Terror and other Warpstorms, as I understand the background, is that the Eye of Terror is *also* an area of realspace/warpsace overlap and hence a domain of chaos, whereas your common or garden warpstorm is simply an area of space where warp travel is impossible.

23-03-2013, 19:47
The Eye isnt the only area of warp/realspace overlap... but its by far the biggest. Its also where the vast majority of traitor legionnaires fled to post-heresy, so has the highest threat concentration.

There are other, smaller, areas similar to the eye... the maelstrom being the most infamous. Many renegade marines use these places as safe havens, among other neer do wells. The Imperium does actively monitor and picket these areas (as long as they are aware of them and have the resources). The astral claws, for example, were the chief chapter amongst the Maelstrom Warders until they turned traitor.

Its just that the Eye is the biggest and baddest, and has the biggest concentration of traitors, veterans of the Long War, mutants and other gribblies. The maelstrom is a pretty bad place... but the Eye is like the ultimate Fortress of Ultimate Evil. Simply, the eye is treated as the biggest threat because it *is* the biggest threat.

23-03-2013, 21:46
The Eye is not a warp storm. Warp storms happen in the Immaterium, and throw ships off-course, send psykers mad, that sort of thing. The Eye is a tear in realspace, and while by far the biggest, it's not the only one. Its influence in the Immaterium most likely extends far beyond the region of blatantly obvious violations of physical law in terms of permanent disquiet in the Warp making travel extra-risky.

23-03-2013, 22:28
Anything discussing the Badab War tends to mention it, either directly or more broadly.

The Maelstrom was heavily guarded by a few Space Marine Chapters called the Maelstrom Warders. Huron got mad that the Imperium wouldn't give him more troops to defend it, and formed the Tyrant's Legion. It gets messy after that, but basically comes down to the fact that Huron was mad that the Astral Claws et. al. took all the casualties.

So yes, the Maelstrom is certainly a threat and (until the Badab War) was defended just as well as (or even better than) the Eye.

Bonus edit: IA 9 and 10 (the Badab War ones) talk about all this in depth. I'm pretty sure there's some books that talk about it, plus, like Horus38 mentioned, the last two CSM Codexes are nice.

24-03-2013, 09:07
Thanks everyone, I certainly understand the situation a lot better after people's insightful replies. I'll have to check out some of the other fiction grading the other warp rifts.

I take it then that the evidence suggests that the warp rifts that do exist are not connected up via the Warp dimension? Otherwise, for example, if the Maelstrom is no longer as defended following the Badab War in comparison to the Eye, then Abaddon (or whatever leader comes next) could sail all their forces through the Warp and hit our dimension in full force from a weaker-defended entryway. The fact that this does not happen tends to suggest that the Warp rifts do not connect up physically with the rest of the warp dimension they inhabit.

24-03-2013, 09:18
They're no more connected through the Warp than any other two places. The reasoning is that they're pieces of real space where the veil between realities is thin/fractured/broken/split/etc allowing the energies of the empyrean to flow more freely. You can translate into the Warp in the Maelstrom, for example, but you still have to travel the same Warp Routes to get to a planet in the Eye as someone would from outside the Maelstrom.

That is to say: Warp Rifts are not portals to each other.

24-03-2013, 20:57
There's also another major issue with the Eye - it has a (relatively) stable exit point at Cadia. Thus not only does it need to guarded, as the largest and most populous of the realspace/warpspace overlays, it actually can be guarded.

24-03-2013, 23:00
Warp storms seems to be capable of affecting real space for an example a warp storm tore caliban apart. As for travel the warp doesn't work that way. You can travel through it by ship bit that's the same thing everyone else does attempting to do that inside the eye could lead to you turning up anywhere, like say inside a planet . You can't enter the ch sos dell part of it. Well you can but without a geller field you'd be ripped appart very quickly by raging daemons. Even if you were a follower of chaos.

29-03-2013, 15:50
The Eye is a threat, as that is the focal point of the creation of Slaanesh too.. In First Heretic, it shows the planet (iirc) where it all started and how Slaanesh got her name. After the planet that starts this mess..