View Full Version : Imperial Guard Hydra, worth it or not?

Dwarf Longbeard
24-03-2013, 06:03
Hi all

I'm currently building up my Imperial Guard army and have been considering buying a Hydra for a bit of extra anti air defence, I've currently got a quad gun but the Hydra looks a really nice model to include.
Gamewise I'm a bit iffy about getting one mainly due to the part that it can only fire snap shots against ground targets, ignoring the jink save seems like a good bonus for it and makes it very useful against my dark eldar opponent but against some armies which only have one or no flyers or skimmers it feels more like a waste of points.

I was wondering what peoples experiences of using a Hydra are like and if they consider it worth buying and any tactics for using it would be appriciated

24-03-2013, 06:32
It's only 75 points. Larger size games I'd take for sure.

24-03-2013, 07:55
I have two I converted from 2nd edition rhinos. I like them because I find the vendetta models a pain to carry to the flgs and the give me some aaa. If you put a heavy bolter on it, that can shoot at ground targets normally and snap firing the autocannons at ground targets is not so bad since they are twin linked.

24-03-2013, 09:25
I would only field them if you didn't want to field vendetta (because you like the other FA options) as they seem not to bring much beyond the quad gun for the use of a precious HS slot.
Then again I have not experienced how usefull removing the jink save is. I imagine that would be pretty awesome against quite a few opponents.
Could also be usefull in an aggressive list with plenty of outflanking units (al'rahem; creed; sentinels and stormtroopers could be such a fun list....) where your aegis should have the coms relay, and the CCS a astropath to get everyone on the board pretty early.
Then flyers might get shot down by coming first and hydras could really save your day.
Altough If you like the model go for it!