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24-03-2013, 18:35
So I made a list up and just wanted to see what people thought of it. Monster heavy.

Liche High Priest Hierophant General w/ Level 4 (Lore of Light), Enkhil's Kanopi, Talisman of Endurance [265]

Liche High Priest Hierophant w/ Level 4 (Lore of Nehekhara), Talisman of Preservation, Power Stone [275]

Liche Priest (Lore of Light), Dispel Scroll [95]

40 Skeleton Warriors w/ Full Command [190]

39 Skeleton Warriors w/ Full Command [186]

39 Skeleton Warriors w/ Full Command [186]

5 Skeleton Horsemen w/ Light Armor [70]

5 Skeleton Horsemen w/ Light Armor [70]

Warsphinx w/ Fiery Roar [230]

Warsphinx w/ Fiery Roar [230]

3 Sepulchral Stalkers [165]

3 Sepulchral Stalkers [165]

Hierotitan [175]

Necrolith Colossus w/ Great Weapon [180]

Necrolith Colossus w/ Great Weapon [180]

Casket of Souls [135]

Total Points [2797]

25-03-2013, 02:31
Thats alot of monsters. I like it (Y)

25-03-2013, 17:35
My opinion on this list:
Good on the magic, but I would give the Hierophant an earthening rod. I think losing him early is a loooot worse than being able to cast 1 spell, especially for such a big game.
Almost cant see the use for the 3x40 skeleton units at this size. They wont be able to protect the lichs, are cumbersome and really easy to destroy. Also, your statues cant support them since they will bleed combat resolution.
Why do you prefer great weapon instead of the 2-weapon? are you planning to use it to kill 1/2+ armor save units?
The rest of the army looks fine.
I would definitively take a Necrotect considering you have 1400+ points of constructs.

25-03-2013, 18:05
Was gonna comment this morning on the big blocks of skeleton warriors but I didn't have time, thanks for doing it for me folomo :)
I just don't really see what they contribute to the list to be honest. The best TK lists I've played against usually have little blocks of archers and maybe a few chariots to flavour as core.

Also skeleton horse archers are always better than skeleton horsemen in my opinion. If you really want to take the horsemen however, keep them as cheap as possible and don't take light armour.

Oh and your priests have nowhere to go. The only possible use for skeleton warriors in a list is for tarpitting and so you don't want your priests in with them. Other than that there is nowhere. A bunker of archers or even riding around with some horse archers trying to stay in range but out of trouble are both viable.

Enkhils Canopi isn't worth it i think, too situational, and it's only a bound spell would be allowed. Earthing rod would be better, or you could give him the dispel scroll and drop your priest caddy entirely, freeing up points for chaff.

Liking the monsters though! The internet says the bone giants are crap, but I personally enjoy them, and Tomb Kings aren't exactly an army for min/maxing anyway! Have fun!

immortal git
25-03-2013, 19:32
I'd imagine the warriors stand there and negate steadfeast while the monsters do the killing. The list looks good to be honest

25-03-2013, 22:32
Yeah except that the warriors will die in droves and then the monsters will crumble to death. Similarly to using zombies or skeletons in a VC list, you can't put anything worth any points into the same combat as skeleton warriors. They just lose combat resolution and crumble your expensive units.

25-03-2013, 22:48
Thanks for all the replies and feedback.

Immortal Git- That was the purpose of the warriors.

KingFerret- I agree to an extent. I'm a VC player so fully understand the downfall of getting the skellies in the wrong combat with your Elite units. I figure flanking units, or support for units that are already in combat. Such as a unit where it's front is almost taken up fully by monsters and then the Skeleton Warriors barely make contact, giving up potentially nothing but giving ranks/standard/charge. Or a nice casting of 'Speed of Light' would stop them from just giving away combat points. I think I'm going to try out this list tonight. It's far from perfect, but then again we are talking Tomb Kings. :)

25-03-2013, 23:37
Well, just trying it out and seeing if it works is always the best idea, hope it wworks out for ya! :)

immortal git
25-03-2013, 23:54
Your magic phase should help out considerably with how your warriors perform, lore of light, lore of death. Plenty of augments in there