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25-03-2013, 17:27
It is my birthday soon and I was wondering what army I would start if the new high elves turn out bad. I would like to do a retro-ish army that litte people play, and that not many new players play. I would like an army that also has lots of opportunity to experiment painting wise and unique. I was thinking either : Brettonia, Wood elves,darkelves or Vampire counts using the rarer models.My only thing stopping me really is money, as I don't want it to be to expensive as It will only be small...Darkelv

28-03-2013, 01:52
Hard to really suggest an army with those limitations when we don't know the player pool in your area. But I guess I'd suggest Brets, they aren't really seen much around my part of the world and they have plenty of options for painting and a relatively small model count, especially if you go all knights.

28-03-2013, 01:57
If you want a rare army beasties or tomb kings are my suggestion.

28-03-2013, 06:01
Picking an army because it is rare is really not the best strategy. Usually armies are overlooked because they are very old or have some fundamental problems. Today's rare army because it has an ancient army book could be tomorrow's popular flavor of the month if a good book is released.

Dark Elves will not be inexpensive all there rare and special choices are either metal oop or finecast. The metal models are not especially cheap on the second hand market.

Wood elves and Brettonia have ancient army books, I wouldnt start those armies unless your prepared to possibly reinvest in them later.

Whatever army you pick, you have two choices to cut down the expense, ebay or models from another manufacturer. There should be many HE models available inexpensively because they are in the current starter set.

28-03-2013, 06:17
It sounds more like a painting project than a real competitive army he's looking for.

For that, definitely either VC or Bretonnains would be the first pick, but either Elves work well, too.

VC are a good army, but tend to be as much a modelling project as a painting project. The hordes of Core infantry usually need to be varied a little to avoid boredom, insanity, or both. But when done, can be an amazing army.

Bretonnians have the Arthurian Knight pageantry to work with, allowing for each knight to be a completely unique model. This can also lead to burn out as easily as Vampires, but for the opposite reasons. Gameplay-wise, their cheapest money-wise options are their cavalry, which have not fared well on their own, usually requiring the softening of the Peasant Longbows or the blocks of Men-at-Arms to tie the enemy down to be charged. They are still effective, but require a little more finesse.

Dark Elves tend to be a bit monotone in painting than Brets or Woodies, but enjoy a lot of options for units. Core is plastic, but little else is, making them a potentially expensive army. They are still quite effective on the table, though.

Wood Elves suffer greatly due to their reliance on things which have taken body blows for the last 2 Editions and lack of options, but their models are amazing. Maybe the second greatest opportunity for painting variety after Bretonnians and about tied with VC (really depends on how you build the VC). They suffer greatly on the table, though. Their ranking infantry really cannot take hits as well as other units their cost and usually don't hit as hard, either. They shoot very well, but it's all Longbows, offering great range, but actual damage is limited at that range.

28-03-2013, 06:21
Well if its a modeling/painting project then build a cavalry heavy army of undead Brettonians and use the VC rules. Not an original idea, but not super common.

28-03-2013, 19:53
I have done some research by ooking at my FLGC and it turns out that empire are the least played...I asked the manager of the club and he said that eveyone mostly plays the rarer armies, and no one plays the "common "ones anymore.S, I think empire might be the one for me, that or bretts