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Commissar Davis
26-03-2013, 00:10
If you were a codex writer, which codex would you write and why?

What rules in that codex would you change, what background would you advance or deserves to be purged?

Do you think that you could do a better job than the current team?

I can think of only a few changes I would make to a couple of codices, but they would only be tinkering, and the current team seem to be doing okay.

26-03-2013, 00:23
I'd write a whole codex of mercenaries and allied units for armies like the old old fantasy dogs of war book.

Captain VJ Dax
26-03-2013, 00:39
I would write Codex: Klingons, or rather
Codex: Cardassians.

In all seriousness i would rewrite The Imperial Guard Codex so that it follows the idea that is presented in DP9's Perfect Storm NuCoal book.

you want an infantry regiment? you got that.
You want an mechanized cavalry regiment? you got that.
You want an armored regiment? You got that.
You want a heavy gear regiment? wait at tick...

Commissar Davis
26-03-2013, 01:28
I'd write a whole codex of mercenaries and allied units for armies like the old old fantasy dogs of war book.

With the allies rules, that would make a lot of sense and stop some armies being abused.

Ideas on rules and species?

26-03-2013, 02:27
I would perform the tasks set for me by my line manager, that way I could be a codex writer for another day.... Rinse and repeat. :shifty:

Total fantasy land?

I'd redo Necromunda from the ground up, with plastic support and new sculpts for everyone. A revised and massively expanded setting with a shedload of more source material (some of which I have already scrawled out :shifty: ).
Miniature support would have a flexible option filled boxed set for each of the main six houses followed by one each for the original Outlanders gangs (and possibly an accessories/rare trade/hired guns set too) with plenty of scope to expand to further gang types at a later date. there would also be a new range of "internal" building structures that are compatible with the CoD terrain kits but can represent the traditional Necromunda Terrain perfectly.

Slightly more realistically but still assuming that writing the book will make the models happen I would write one of these mini-dexes that I keep banging on about, maybe Genestealers.

26-03-2013, 02:29
Codex: Imperial Navy
Probably a Forge World type butchering of Codex Imperial Guard.
In place of Chimeras I'd add Fleet Lighters and in place of tanks I'd add plenty of aircraft.
Naval Storm Troopers would be very good!!

26-03-2013, 03:16
since i'll only get a day i'l probably just fix a bit codex tyranid, just to make all the codex entries a bit more balanced and usable.
Plus it would surely generate more sale so maybe i'll get another day XD

Inquisitor Engel
26-03-2013, 03:23
A Codex Writer?

I'd do an Adeptus Mechanicus Codex, with an emphasis on a secret internal strife. Omnissiah or Dragon? Adherence or innovation? Split their allegiances, determine different HQ options for different factions within the Codex. I'd follow it up with a completely kickass Mercenaries codex, emphasis on Kroot but an inclusion of Rogue Traders and their forces, a new race here and there, with some units from already created races like Eldar Rangers etc.

A Game Designer?

I'd tweak BFG to take advantage of the better plastic production and finecast. Bigger fleets, bigger battles etc, but keeps is excellent core untouched. I'd include rules to integrate BFG into campaigns (lose the previous BFG battle? No orbital bombardments for you!) as well as rules for all the factions, including introducing a BFG-only faction that has no place on the 40k ground-based battlefield and nothing to do with existing factions. (It'd be a stretch, but it'd be fun)

26-03-2013, 03:32
First thing I'd do would be to release comprehensive FAQ's that address the most pressing problems, such as introducing the rule "Gunship" and applying it to everything that should not be an air superiority fighter.

Then I'd start work on Codex: Umbra. There is so much nightmare fuel that can be made out of extradimensional creatures that interact with reality though morphic, ectoplasmic goo.

26-03-2013, 03:41
I'd do an Adeptus Mechanicus Codex, with an emphasis on a secret internal strife.

Sold! Somebody get this man a contract!

26-03-2013, 03:43
Codex: Mechanicus would be cool, but a lot of effort.

How about Codex: Space Marines.
Make Chapter Traits a chart that replaces the warlord traits table. Generic Chapter Master can roll on the chapter trait chart, named chapter masters get specific ones.
Add Tu'Shan (in Terminator Armor) and Helbrect (replaces combat tactics with righteous zeal) as Chapter Masters
Add Gdolkin as named Dreadnought
Captains would be able to buy a title- First company captain must be in Terminator armor, but terminators are scoring. Master of the Fleet gets the Orbital Bombardment. MAster of the Watch lets him and the squad he is attached to overwatch at BS2. Master of Recruits makes scout unit he is with BS and WS 4. Master of the Arsenal- May take a single squadron of 1-3 Predators, Vindicators, or Whirlwinds, and may take Land Raiders as dedicated transportsMaster of the Armory makes he and his unit weapons master crafted. Marshall- Your tactical squads may buy a scout squad (at normal price and options) which is then merged into that tac squad as a single unit. Forgefather- gains servo harness, sergeants may replace their weapons and wargear with terminator armor and buy terminator weapon/wargear options.
Command squad and Honorguard ain option to take bikes, jump packs, or terminator armor if their captain/chapter master is equipped with it.
Bring back option to buy a third wound for generic Chaplains and Librarians, and Master of the Forge.
Add Grimaldus (challenge focused, gets back up rule) and Xavier (option for terminator armor) as Chaplain options.
Add named Stormseer as Librarian on Bike SC.

Add Emperor's Champion (challenge focused, vows affect units within 12")
Dreadnought may upgrade to Venerable, Chaplain, or Librarian Dread.
Techmarines are 2 wound 1-3 per detachment, don't take up FoC slot.

Remove razorbacks as DT for tactical squads.
Tac squads gain heavy flamer as heavy weapon option.
Scout squads can take astartes grenade launchers at 1 per 3 models.

Storm Talon may be taken in squadron of 1-3
Attack bikes gain option to take plasma cannon or assault cannon for 10 and 25 points respectively.

Add Saber tank hunter and Predator Executioner.
Thunderfire cannon now 1-3 gun battery that can add servitor crew
Add Rapier laser destroyer battery 1-3 guns
Whirlwind can take Hyperios upgrade giving it heavy 2 flakk missile option.
Land Raider Redeemer can choose S6 AP3 Flamestorm, or S5 AP4 Torrent flamer option to fire.

Other tuneups here and there. Infantry heavy weapons and vehicle prices brought into line with Codex: DA.

26-03-2013, 03:58
Oh yeah, BFG - for sure!
That game so needs a come-back!!

26-03-2013, 04:00
i cant remember when but years ago in WD there was a design your own armored vehicle rules. there was the special rules you can give it cost value to what you gave it. i would do something like that but maybe for special characters.

26-03-2013, 04:17
I'd re-write the Apoc book. Update everything, even out the units, and attempt make sure each army has all the basics covered.


Codex: Allies & Mercenaries. A book of small forces designed to work with armies. Mostly one or two units per FOC slot. Things like;

Inquisition: Allies with most Imperium armies.

Ecclesiarchy: Allies with most imperium.

Mechanum: Allies with Imperium, and CSMs.

Genestealer Cult: Allies with guard and tyranids.

Freebooters: allies with Orks, most xenos, excluding crons and Nids.

Kroot mercenaries: allies with tau and most xenos.

Gue'vesa: allies with Tau and guard.

Exodite Eldar: allies with any Eldar.

Inquisitor Engel
26-03-2013, 04:24
Sold! Somebody get this man a contract!

Aww shucks... I was just trying to make them something other than "just another Imperial army."

I was thinking you could do a punnett square for their unit choices somehow.

Everyone gets Skitarii, secutors, Ordinatus units, basic units, and a standard complement of Imperial equipment.


Old Technology is Divine
'White' Knights
Legio Reductor units
Volkite weaponry
40k-'fair' Scout Titan
Imperial Guard allies
'Black' Knights
Space Marines allies (Iron hands et al)
Lots of FNP units and WBB-like wargear
40k-'fair' Scout Titan

Innovation is the Future
Legio Cybernetica
Lots and lots of cheap plasma
Rail and lance-like weaponry (xenos-tech research)
Space Marine allies
Gauss and tesla weaponry
Living metal
Legio Cybernetica
Necron allies

DISCLAIMER: I did this in 2 minutes.

Unless you're being sarcastic. In which case: :p

26-03-2013, 05:31
Codex: Exodite Eldar.
Actually, I don't see why Forge World haven't done this.
No jetbikes or vehicles.
HQ characters may be mounted on dinosaurs (Furious Charge, Rending).
May take Elite & Fast Attack Aspect Warriors as Elites.
All Guardians are WS4.
Guardians armed with lasblasters, may not take heavy weapon.
Storm Guardians have kick-ass melee weapon options not unlike DE Wyches.
Scouting (and therefore outflanking) dinosaur cavalry (Furious Charge, Rending).
Megadon (huge heavily armoured dinosaur).

26-03-2013, 05:47
Codex Eldar

In retaliation for all the Avatars of Khaine that have been slaughtered, the Craftworlders use the webway to nuke all the backwater Space Marine recruiting worlds. Unable to replenish their losses, all the Space Marine Chapters that rely on poorly defended, pre-industrial worlds to recruit from slowly die off.

The End.

Also, if I was serious-
Codex Exodites (or at least a mini codex to be used as Allies)

Still Standing
26-03-2013, 07:09
Surprised nobody has said it yet, but I'd redo Codex: Sisters of Battle.


An Elites choice with a 2+ save and a close combat weapon similar to WFB flails in that it provide +2 Str and ignore armour saves in first round of combat, then any 6s to hit auto-wound and ignore armour saves in subsequent rounds.

A whole load of Frateris Militia. Much greater emphasis on the crazy rich Eclesiarchy.

Background changes.

Only one big one... The Sororitas are supposed to defend every shrine on every planet in the Imperium. So massively increase their numbers. There should be hundreds of millions of them at the very least.

Commissar Davis
26-03-2013, 09:23
No one looking to redo Grey Knights?

If I were to redo them, I would have something nasty happen, like having Draigo turned into a spawn and his soul driven mad. They definitely have far to many victories for not enough grimdark happening to them.

26-03-2013, 10:02
Codex abhumans to bring back the squats and probably do somthing to redress the terible balance issues within the current batch of codexs (we all know balance is the worst thing in 40k)

26-03-2013, 10:23
Not much I could do in a single day, but if I was given a single codex to write front to end, I'd go for Codex Eldar.

Focus would be high tech, high maneuverability and low numbers.

Commissar Davis
26-03-2013, 10:50
I still think you have made a mountain out of a molehill. Left alone, everyone would have got the message, and understood.

Well the title of the thread is changed, happy now.

Nope. I've tried it and it is a thankless task of bloody hard work and sometimes utter tedium where everyone's opinion appears them to be more important that yours.

An honest comment.

26-03-2013, 11:07
Aww shucks... I was just trying to make them something other than "just another Imperial army."

I've been taken with the idea that the AM are riven by internal philosophical differences, pretty much since I first read Mechanicum, for me they are as divided and factional as the Inquisition and far more dangerous for it.
So anyone who is bringing even an iota of that complexity to the table is in the right place, far as I am concerned. So no, not sarcasm. :)

DISCLAIMER: I did this in 2 minutes.

Ok, I won't pick :p

26-03-2013, 14:38
Codex Inquisition with really fluffy and detailed ways of creating a JB style(no spamming for the ultimate build) warband to ally with any imperium force plus radical ordo xenos able to ally with Eldar & possibly Tau.

26-03-2013, 15:51
I would have revised the Tau codex (and depending on the one about to be release.... I still may want to revise it), but other than that - chaos space marines.

I still think CSM should have included a page or 2 per legion to have some fluffy rules should you choose to go the uni-god route.

Commissar Davis
26-03-2013, 16:06
Are there any rules on random creatures and plants in any of the WD's?

What are peoples thought on a book to create steeds?

Giant jumping squigs for Orks, daemoniacally possessed bikes and cold ones for Fire warriors...