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26-03-2013, 14:28
Greetings fellow artificers and strategois,

Over the years I have often wanted to start an Adeptus Mechanicus army. In those brutal turbulent years, a number of ideas popped up that kind of worked. There were the carapace armoured Skitarii that were Imperial Guard, then there was the less inspiring run of adapted (Adepted?) Space Marines. These two were ok, but they neither packed the punch on the field nor was I ever happy with the conversions that I made. The hoods looked silly, and the bionics... well just didn't look right. So I took to my Imperial Guard and focused on them. Occasionally I would scratch the bionic surface and browse the Noosphere, and look at ideas. And then one day I was playing an army of orks. The player had a huge variety of units and thanks to the laxity on Ork tech, he could field just about anything and say, "look it's a thingy".

This got me thinking. I, like many of you, love to have a back story, so I thought: "What if there is a forge world with poor resources and yet does what it can with what it has?" I talked a bit with friends and they agreed that using an Ork Codex would be an brilliant way to include them, and thanks to the simpler allies rules, now I can. It would be all too easy to simply buy some orks and add skulls to their faces and a few pipes and claim "Look skitarii..." but that's not me, and not my style. So I have ventured here to see how people might suggest I represent A savage Mechanicus Priest of some ran, "Skit-Boyz", and perhaps something along the lines of a "Killer-Can" (see what I've done there)

I'm taking some ideas from games such as Borderlands for that ramshackle, almost redneck Ork army. Now I realise I'm in the Imperium Logs, but that's the point. The army will use a codex, but that's as far as I want that to go. I'm looking for something different, something...

26-03-2013, 14:34
In a white dwarf a long time ago there was an article about abhumans, and one of the new units were slave levies. Basically they were dredged up from the under hives, given las guns and pointed towards he enemy. For the models they used ork bodies and legs, catachan arms, and appropriately hooded or downtrodden heads. They look bulky, but not too silly and definitely gave the units the feeling of second rate combat drugs.

Not much, but it may be enough to get some ideas rolling.

26-03-2013, 17:16
A Forge World cut off from the Imperium by Warp Storms with an Ork invasion underway could have plenty of opportunity to adapt foul Xenos technology to their uses. Call the Boyz "Menials," the lowest grunt labor of the mechanicus, not even properly trained to shoot, just inured to the harsh factory conditions, backed up by assembly machinery given legs to accompany them, and there you go. Greenstuff some hoods over the heads and you've got that downtrodden, ramshacle look.

Just don't take a Warlord, stick with 2 Big Meks and as few close combat units as possible. Shooty Orks would fit the mechanicus template closer, especially if you went with the Kan Wall and Troop-choice DeffDreads to mech i
t up.

26-03-2013, 17:58
Some of the Forgeworld Renegade stuff might be good for this, once you've greenstuffed / filed off any Chaotic symbols. They have the same kind of rough and ready aesthetic I think you are going for.

27-03-2013, 15:25
I suppose these guys (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat490066a&prodId=prod1120135) look "orky" enough. Chaos cultists are another source. You don't even need to remove the Chaos star - clip of the spikes and it looks like a cog.

As Saardis said, the Renegades are another fine option. Use Catachans instead of the usual Cadians to make them look more feral.

Finally there're Arco-Flagellants (you could use their arms on other models as well to add more variety) and the Servitors (give some of them Catachan arms and Ork weapons, spread the bionic limbs around your army).

As commander I'd suggest the Warpsmith - it's a fine model and doesn't need much conversion to look suitable.

Brother Alexos
29-03-2013, 22:15
There was a project log over on Dakkadakka that attempted to do post apocalyptic Imperial Guardsmen using the ork rules, and he had some pretty good success:
If you do something like this, it could work. Maybe throw in some more feral-looking Priests as Meks and you would be golden. I think maybe using Battle Servitors for some of the units like Lootas and Burnaboys would also be a good idea.

02-04-2013, 14:46
Beowulf and Frowbakk, I happen to have that very White Dwarf. Thank you for reminding me of it. I used it for beastmen but this is perfect.

Brother Alexos, They're pretty damned cool, and a great reference for making an orky-human looking army. Also highlights how good the Renegade bits work with Warhammer Chaos Marauder kits as Saardis pointed out. I suspect, Dryaktylus, I might use some of the Pit Fighters for parts at least.

Thanks all.

On my travels I found these guys too:

Image 3 is a number of Orks converted with Necron Immortals and Deathmark's heads to make a savage cyborg thing that looks brilliant. Thoughts?

02-04-2013, 21:58
A picture of the whole set of Pit slaves is here. (http://www.waggerz.com/necromunda/pitslaves.JPG) I got an additional scissor arm as I bought it. Though the drill is the best part.

On my travels I found these guys too:

Image 3 is a number of Orks converted with Necron Immortals and Deathmark's heads to make a savage cyborg thing that looks brilliant. Thoughts?

Yes, they're great, Good stuff.

One thing I forgot are the old Obliterators as bitz source (Nobz in Mega armour?).

Here's an old picture (though I still haven't painted it...):


15-04-2013, 10:05
Well first test bits have turned up so I'll have a play and report back.

Warhammer 40k:
Necron Immortal - Head
Ork Nobz - Choppa (Chain Axe)
Ork Nobz - Boss Pole

Warhammer Bits
Orc Warboss on foot - Feet
Orc Warboss on foot - Torso
Orc Warboss on foot - Left Arm