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24-05-2006, 17:29
Well, with the local gaming club hosting a tournament mid october I'm
considering spending a major part of the summer to paint a 2000 pts
skaven army :evilgrin:

With 180+ rats to go, and planned 40 minute / rat (painting only, assembly,
base and spray is extra) I'm in for a rough ride.

Keep in mind that this list is done with 7:th ed in mind. So the swarms are
out and the magic is kept low. The ratlingguns are taken out in favour of

Anyway, here's the list that I'm considering along with some comments.

Warlord, Great Weapon, Shield, Heavy Armour 105 pts

Ordinary Warlord just in there for the leadership and occational whack with
his GW.

BSB, Heavy Armour, Warbanner 99 pts

BSB will probably add another CR in the next edition, this guy is as good as
they come

Warlock Engineer, Dispel Scroll 70 pts.

Defensive WE adding another dice and a scroll for a mere 70 pts, won't
cast any spells. The reason for this is that the miscast is rumoured to be
much worse in next edition, perhaps featuring a s8 hit in addition to the
miscast result. Therefore a defensive WE might be useful.

Warlock Engineer, Warp Blades, Warpstone Charm 85 pts.

The more offensive WE who will cast Warplightning with 3 dice each turn, the
charm gives him the chance to avoid the first miscast. I suspect that the
next edition will feature less magic (except for khemri and slanns) so three
dice might be enough.

2 x 20 Slaves 80 pts
1 x 20 Slaves, spears, 60 pts

Slaves are always good. The spears are there for modeling reasons only even
tho I'm aware they would be better off without.

3 x 25 Clanrats, std, mus. One of them has a Ratlinggun

I think RG's will be almost none-existant in the next edition due to their
extreme vurnability if the targetingrumour is true. One could be worth it when
facing chaos, undead and similar that doesn't shoot. In the other games
it will be kept behind and hit things that get behind my lines (such as flyers).

2 x 5 Poison Wind Globadiers.

Fairly cheap troops that still can get a few wounds in with their 18"
run & throw. Dangerous enough to be a threat against expensive stuff but
cheap enought to be sacrificed.

2 x 10 Jezzails 400 pts

Packs a punch but has to be protected from sources of panic. Will get those
monsters down faster then you can say "Large Target"

2 x 5 Tunnellers, Poisoned Weapons, 170 pts

These quick buggars will help me achieve missile supremacy. Since skirmishers
can be marshblocked in the new edition I'll rely more on these guys then


Giant 205 pts

Well not that good for the army probably since he's the most sensitive
thing to shooting in the list, but he's a lot of points in one model which
might help me to finish the army in time.

WLC 100 pts

Reliable and will probably get a centerpiece role modelvise


25-05-2006, 08:45
Since the 7th ED is not yet out and there are no reliable confirmation of qany rule changes, I suggest you are somewhat premature in your reasoning.

25-05-2006, 11:54
True, but since 7th:ed IS coming in only a few months, it would be foolish not to plan ahead. I'm aware that some rumours might not be accurate, that's partly why I've pick a pretty well rounded force without much of anything really. This gives me the oppourtunity to further tune the army once the next ruleset is released.

25-05-2006, 12:26
One thing though, As far as iheard They making the if your in los You can shoot it rule towards characters, But the skaven rule for its weapon teams is a bit different, so unless they specifically faq or it is mentioned in the book You should ocntinue to Use the SKaven rules for targeting them.

25-05-2006, 13:23
The skaven rule says:

... Targeting the weapon team with spells/missiles follow the same rules as targeting single characters on foot when within... (not exact quote, but the wording is clear).

So they can be singled out unless exlicity mentioned in the upcoming rulebook.

26-05-2006, 00:58
bleh i must of been mistaken I havent read my book in a while :x, oh well you can still hide em behind your units or thye may make it so they cant be picked out in the new book. Only time will tell.

26-05-2006, 10:08
WLC 100 pts

Reliable and will probably get a centerpiece role modelvise

:wtf: are we talking about the same model here? Warp Lightning is as unreliable as the rest of the Skaven Army... and most of the times is goint to hit ure own stuff... 100 pts worth spending elswhere IMO!

I would use them to field a Grey Seer...skitterleap him in the opponents deployment and watch that Vermintide do all the dirty job:D

26-05-2006, 10:53
Skaven weapon teams are pretty well protected under the 5" rule. However, they are vulnerable to being shot by magic (Uranon's Thunderbolt) and if 2 units charge them only 1 can get shot!

WLC is lovely it goes 48" at S=2 or 6" at S = 10 (at least that is my experience!!:D )

27-05-2006, 19:33
u kno its 8d6 range so the min is 8inches :D