View Full Version : Night Goblin Squig hoppers Skirmishers VS Random Movement

27-03-2013, 08:01
Hi everybody,

I am building a new army list and I want to add Squig hoppers for chaff units to angle so here's the issue.

SH (squig hoppers) follow the random movement rule but the skirmisher rule allows them to make reform moves as many times as they want.
Now I was wondering if I can move my SH with the random movement restrictions and at the end do a reform move to angle my troops correctly.

If I cannot, does it mean that random movement units can never reform in they movement phase ? (With a traditional reformation by choice and not after a rally test ..)

Thank you for clearing this out :)

27-03-2013, 08:14
You cannot reform during random movement, only during remaining moves.