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Lord Gordonis
24-05-2006, 18:28
Well i've only recently started my golden deamon entry of games day uk, so I decided to do a blog about it.

So far I have done the gold armour plating the robes and the face. Im just taking my time as I dont want to rush with it, also my deadline for this project is the first weekend of september as my local store is having a painting contest before games day every year.

Theres a link to my photobucket account also there are other models on there as well.
Well heres are a cpl of pics of the techpriest so far....



Front again

c&c are always appreciated :),

for the base idea was him on a walk way followed by some servo skulls behind him as I dont like the sevitors that much, plus I like the book version of him rather than the normal version of them of having servitors.

Going to do some more painting on him soon I will put up pics when I have done something to him so enjoy!

24-05-2006, 19:56
looks ok, but i was just wondering, will you be doing more deail on the face, as it is a little..... i cant find the word but it just doesnt look right...

24-05-2006, 20:31
BLUE!? What is this madness!?

Aside from the face, it looks fairly good. Keep at it.

Dave out.

Lord Gordonis
24-05-2006, 20:51
Yeah as I would like it to be different from the norm red techpriest I keep seeing, so I decided to do tje armour instead of a mettalic look, I decieded on a gold look as well.
The face of the techpriest on the model is one of the smaalest areas there is so I thought it looked ok as it is.

LG out

24-05-2006, 20:52
Heehee Dave, maybe hes a colour blind tech-priest!!

No seriously it looks good, but nothing special, as was said the face looks a bit pale, bit pink almost, try "browning" up his face a little maybe, also the eyes are a bit too big I think. The paintjob is well done though!! I like the gold armour, looks good, nice an shaded etc