View Full Version : 2000 points fun Gobo List

28-03-2013, 07:59
My list plays my other lists. It ends up play this so that other people can come watch or play. here


Night goblin great shaman with power stone 4+ ward save Mushrooms

goblin war boss with fencers blades, glittering scales, ironcurse icon


Goblin big boss- BSB greatweapon, light armor, 5+ wards save

Night Goblin shaman-Dispel scroll


60 night goblins-spears, shields, standard, 3 fantatics. Formation is 12x5

36 night goblins with spears,shields, standard, 3 fanatics

25 night goblins with bows, standard, 3 fanatics


2xspear chukka

2xspear chukka

2xspear chukka

3xwolf chariots

2x orc chariots


doom diver

doom diver

pump wagon-exploding mushrooms

pump wagon-exploding mushrooms

The great shaman goes with the 25 archers for a bunker, the bsb and warboss go together, the level 2 shaman goes in the 36 goblin spears. They can horde out or just sit 6 by 6 depending on how they are set up. What do you guys think as a start for my army? 6 bolt throwers ,2 stone throwers, and 7 chariots with over 100 goblins and fanatics. What do you guys think ?