View Full Version : two questions kind of concerning skaven

Lance Tankmen
29-03-2013, 00:29
first, do there weapon teams count as warmachines for the iron curse icon?

second can they cast dreaded thirteen on a single lord on jugger? i remember hearing they can be KB but i didnt think he'd count as infantry

29-03-2013, 00:53
1. Yes
2. Not sure. I think yes, but he can't be turned into a rat. Not certain, tho, but I'm sure someone more knowledgable can help.

29-03-2013, 05:02
2: No. He counts as a mounstrous cavalry, the KB things comes into effect from the faq wich states that if he was ifantry while not mounted, he can be killing blowed. But he is still mounted. So no Dreaded Thirteen on him.

Lance Tankmen
29-03-2013, 05:49
but he can be KB despite being on a jugger?

29-03-2013, 07:10
but he can be KB despite being on a jugger?

Yes. That was in the FAQ, wich stated that a character, regardless on wich mount, can be KB if he would be ifantry if not on said mount. Wich he is. and is not of the troop type ifantry while on jugger, but MC, and the dreaded thirten says a unit of ifantry.

29-03-2013, 16:32
For the first question I think it is No, because weapon teams are classified as infantry, not warmachines. Or is there anythingt in the FAQ I have missed?

29-03-2013, 16:48
I assume unless it states they "fire like warmachine(s)",(or says different in the FAQ) then no.

29-03-2013, 18:35
A weapon team isn't a war machine, they're infantry. So no. Edit: been discussing this and there's some clarity needed over weapon teams. A WFT, and PWM are warmachine type weapons fired as per the respective type of warmachine so arguably would be affected by the icon as it affects Warmachine weapons. Something to agree with your group before playing.

Wouldn't affect Ratling Gun, Warp Grinder, Doom Flayer, or Jezzails.

DT is infantry only so mounted, no, monstrous, no.