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29-03-2013, 06:07
So I decided to remodel my existing IG army into a Inqusition theme and ally them with some Grey Knights. The regular Cadian guard models I'm just gonna use as part of a IG regiment being borrowed by my inquisitor. I also have some Steel legion models I use as vets. I love the steel legion models and I want to create some nice fluff for them.

So I was thinking of saying that this small group of Steel Legion vets is the last of a regiment that saved the inquisitor during the first war for Armageddon. As thanks for saving him, the inquisitor used his influence to save the regiment from execution after the First War of Armageddon and took them as his own personal regiment, that only answers to him (as far as anyone else knows, the regiment perished on Armageddon). The small group is all that remains after years of aiding the Inquisitor in his endeavors.

So my question is did the steel legion even exist before the first war for Armageddon? I know that after the first war, Armageddon was pretty much wiped clean of life and repopulated, and it's possible that the steel legion didn't even exist till after the planet was repopulated.

29-03-2013, 06:45
No. After Angron's attack, the population was executed by the Imperium due to demonic exposure and then repopulated with off-worlders.

29-03-2013, 06:50
They may not have existed as they are now, but, since Armageddon is mostly ash-wastes, it's probably a safe bet that any IG regiment/PDF force on the planet pre-FWfA would have worn rebreathers/greatcoats/been mechanized.

29-03-2013, 09:06
There were probably records kept on Administration planets with details about the foundings of Armageddon Steel Legion regiments. Perhaps when these regiments were listed as destroyed or MIA someone decided to reinstate them post Armageddon war I. Another possibility could be that there were hundreds of regiments on duty elsewhere in the galaxy and return to the planet during its big rebuild.

As for OP idea about a Inquisitor's pet regiment, sure this type of thing happens all the time, they have the power to requisition anything they need to complete a task.

29-03-2013, 10:53
sound interesting!
i allways think that if the fluff dont match make up your own, it's after all you who buy the models

Captain VJ Dax
29-03-2013, 11:43
the Steel Legion, as it stands, is a force of guardsmen/pdf forces from the planet Armageddon. Due to the toxic landscape and atmosphere, they are required to wear long trench coats, protective gloving, long boots to fit their pants into and Rebreather units. Cosmetically the Steel Legion now would certainly look like the soldiers from the first war for Armageddon. And since Armageddon is a huge manufacturing base for the Chimera APC it would stand that nearly the entirety of PDF and IG Regiments from the planet would be Mechnised. So in a manner of speaking, yes, the Steel Legion did exist before the First War for Armageddon.

Crazy Ivan
29-03-2013, 12:47
The Space Wolves codex (page 23) has a picture of Space Wolves battling daemons on Armageddon during the First War, and there's some Guardsmen/PDF dying in the foreground (lower right) who seem to be wearing Steel Legion attire.


(Not the best picture, nor is it complete, but it's the best scan I can find at the moment.)

29-03-2013, 14:55
Thanks for the replies everyone.

Good to hear that even if they steel legion didn't exist in name, the forces of Armageddon still would have used the same equipment, but someone brought up the point that not all the Steel Legion regiments could have been present for the First War. I would think instead of creating a entire new force, the Munitorum would just remodel the new forces of Armageddon after the regiments that weren't present during the first war. So it seems likely the steel legion did exist before the first war.

31-03-2013, 00:04
No. After Angron's attack, the population was executed by the Imperium due to demonic exposure and then repopulated with off-worlders.

I remember something about sterilisation and labour camps, I'm pretty sure the entire planet wasn't just executed.

31-03-2013, 09:11
Might be worth mentioning that just prior to the second Armageddon war, the planet's defences are said to have been woefully inadequate thanks to the gross incompetence (or at the time, well-disguised Heresy and traitorousness) of the planet's governor, Herman von Strab. If there was ever a time that the Steel Legion weren't as prominent in either equipment or numbers, it would be then. Mechanised infantry wearing rebreathers, greatcoats and thick gloves are probably going to be a constant thanks to the planet's ecology, however.

Inside the Hives though, who knows? If it's anything like Necromunda - which it is, in some respects - the forces available there will be highly esoteric. Quite a lot of potential for interesting forces to show up there.

01-04-2013, 16:58
Might be splitting hairs here but Steel Legion are an Imperial Guard unit, not PDF, so it might be as simple as a naming convention.

That aside, Von Straub's crimes were more to do with seeming, at least, to underestimate the cunning and tenacity of an Ork attack than being under prepared in regards to personnel and materiel, consequently feeding men piecemeal into a meatgrinder certainly didn't help. Choosing to disregard the expertise of a seasoned Commissar with distinct insight on the workings of the Ork mind was something else altogether.

01-04-2013, 19:54
I would suggest that they did exist.
Armageddon prior to the 1st war almost certainly contributed troops to the imperial guard. It can also be assumed that regiments destroyed have their name and number recycled.

So hypothetically say there are 30 Steel legion regiments, the 25th regiment is destroyed. A call for a muster is announced for 20 more units. One of which may be renamed the 25th Steel legion.

The population may have been killed, but existing regiments of Steel legion off world would not have been. Its just these 'new' regiments would be taken from an entirely different population base.

01-04-2013, 20:26
Yes they did.

ref: page 98 of battle for Armageddon.

"... and thirteen regiments from the renown Armageddon Steel legion turned from the light of the emperor..."