View Full Version : Rebooting my Tau Army

29-03-2013, 17:40
Hello everyone out there!

After about 10 years of inactivity, the upcoming Tau release drew me back into the hobby. A bit disappointed there won't be any posable XV8's though... So I started converting a bit and would love your input on my XV8 "update" project! (For the time being, I'm doing this with an old spare suit, so don't mind the subpar grounding! :-) )

I'm not really happy with the hips as they are now... Any ideas?


Inquisitor Engel
29-03-2013, 21:12
Honestly? I recommend buying the FW XV-89's and calling them your standard Crisis suits. I did it and they were fantastic, and no one had a problem with it. With the current prices of the upcoming Crisis suits, the premium for gorgeous and posed suits is rather acceptable in my mind. :)

You've got the start of a great colour scheme there - I'd love to see it on some more dynamic models.