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30-03-2013, 23:27
Looking for a few more opinions on some more novels. I only really want to read the good stuff am happy to miss the filler.

Also i try to save up any planned trilogy books so if Ive listed any of those would appreciate you lot letting me know. Thanks in advance

Fire Caste

Death of Antagonis

Wrath of iron
Masque of Vyle, The (http://www.blacklibrary.com/warhammer-40000/masque-of-vyle.html)

Architect of Fate (eBook) (http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/architect-of-fate-ebook.html)
Angel of Fire (http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/angel-of-fire-ebook.html)
Pariah (http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/pariah-ebook.html) Great Betrayal, The (http://www.blacklibrary.com/time-of-legends/the-great-betrayal.html)
Path of the Renegade (http://www.blacklibrary.com/warhammer-40000/path-of-the-renegade.html) Commissar Andy hoare

Space Wolves: Blood of Asaheim (http://www.blacklibrary.com/warhammer-40000/blood-of-asaheim.html)
Shadowsun: The Last of Kiru's Line (http://www.blacklibrary.com/warhammer-40000/shadowsun.html)

Any of the path of (dark or normal Eldar)

31-03-2013, 06:50
Architect of Fate. I would recommend this. Darius Hinks' Relictors novella wasn't too my taste and felt like a letdown, but the other three novellas were great.

The Great Betrayal. An intensely detailed look at the Dwarves when they were pretty much at the height of their power AFAIK. Some really good action scenes and full of great characters. Also... dwarf women!

Pariah. Do not read.

Angel of Fire. The first 40k book from Bill King after ages. I really liked this. Pacey and fun, the outsider look at Macharius was great - He is both a big hero and a callous general.

Wrath of Iron. Big drop in writing from Battle of the Fang. I didn't care about any of the characters. Some scenes were great, such as the ones involving the Mechanicus. But that's about it.

Shadow Walker
31-03-2013, 07:47
Pariah: I will not agree with shadowhawk2008. It was awesome. Abnett at his best and in contradiction to some opinions you can enjoy it even if you donot know or like previous inquisition's novels.

31-03-2013, 08:47
Thanks for all the replies am considering the dark eldar ones Do they take place entirely on Commargh?Ive read all the Heresy novels and loved them.

Also wondering about these
Shira Calpurnia i have found some of matthew farrer short stories to struggle to read?
Xenos Hunters
Atlas infernal
Storm of Magic books
How good is endeavour of will?

Havent read the soul drinkers books but considered Phalanx or do i need to read the previous novels?

31-03-2013, 09:38
Atlas Infernal I gave up in the middle. It has a really good start but it is too much of a 40k faction travelogue by the time you hit the middle of the book.

Endeavour of Will is in Architect of Fate.

For Phalanx, you need to read the previous books. Its like reading Galaxy in Flames without having read Horus Rising and False Gods. Or reading Void Stalker without having read Soul Hunter and Blood Reaver.

Shadow Walker
31-03-2013, 13:51
Shira Calpurnia: it was a pain to even finish first book for me and I gave up after that.
Atlas Infernal: horrible like everything written by Sanders.
Path of Eldar: is good read if you like to have something non imperial but 3rd book is the weakest in my opinion.
Dalk Eldar: I have only read first novel and donot plan to start others. Poor writing, boring story, author wanted to put inside this book everything from codex etc. and his DE there are just evil men with pointy ears instead of aliens.

31-03-2013, 17:06
Obviously I'm only doing the ones I read:

Wrath of iron: great book. Really bleak and grimdark. Some great insight into the Iron Hands.
Architect of Fate: This anthology was a rather mixed bag imo. I really can't recommend it but it wasn't terrible either.
Angel of Fire: I kinda liked this one. It wasn't perfect but I found it to be a very easy and fun read for the most part.
Pariah: awesome. should have been longer.
Path of the eldar: i liked this series. The second one is probably my favourite but I think they are all rather good.
Shira Calpurnia: I will not lie. matt farrer's writing is not for everybody. I struggled with it on occasion but it's all worthwhile for me because his novels contain stunning world building and his short stories tend to be very weird and thoughtful which I also like a lot.
Atlas infernal: this was a difficult read fo me at times but in the end very satisfying with plenty of interesting characters.

Shadow Walker
31-03-2013, 18:04
Despite my previous statement about Andy Chamber's DE novel I have read his Masque of Vyle and enjoyed it. Although I must admit that I am fan of priests of Cegorach so my opinion could be not ebjective.

06-04-2013, 10:43
The great betrayal is a slightly unusual book in that it's focusing on lots of events that for a lot of the story don't have that much direct connection. I'm sure by the end of the trilogy they will all pull together.

It is a very good book though, if you like dwarfs. ;)

Shadow Walker
14-04-2013, 15:17
As I donot want to make separate thread I will add my question to this one. Please give me your opinions about Orion, Dead Winter, Baneblade, Van Horstmann.

14-04-2013, 18:03
Dead Winter - A fantastic political thriller that covers several different sub-realms of the Empire and is a, I think, great prelude to the Skaven invasion. Lots of inner workings of the Skaven and the Empire both, showing how the rats manipulate events and how the lords of the Empire act/react to various dangers, internal and external. I would definitely recommend it.

Van Horstmann - Ben Counter's first WHF novel and I think he did a great job here. Very detailed look into the inner workings of the College of Light. If you are looking for an origin novel, that's not what you are going to get. The novel is more akin to the "middle act" of Van Horstmann's larger story. There are also some great scenes involving the magisters of the other Colleges of Magic as well. Another recommendation.

15-04-2013, 07:36
Orion is good,great if you are interested in wood elves.

It has a problem though,minor as it can be:the book spends most of its time setting up events for the rest of the trilogy,so it might feel a bit like an extended prologue

Shadow Walker
15-04-2013, 13:59
Thanks guys! Another question about Dead Winter. I know that it is different format than upcoming sequel. Are there plans for releasing it with new format, I would prefer to have series in one format.

15-04-2013, 14:07
All current ToL trilogies with first books already out in MM will be rereleased in TPB format the same as the SMB novels. The upcoming books in these trilogies, however, will NOT be released in MM formats. The switch is permanent and extremely vexing.

16-04-2013, 15:21
Space Wolves: Blood of Asaheim: Liked it but then again I am a Wolf fan :) Very interesting to see how the Deathwatch can change a Marine and how re-integrating the Chapter can be difficult.

The Path series I liked in general. Path of the Renegade was my 2nd best of the trilogy. Path of the Seer felt kinda dragged out. Path of the Warrior was my favorite by far. It really lets you into the mindset of the Eldar Warrior and what happens with Exarchs.

17-04-2013, 08:48
Space Wolves: Blood of Asaheim: Liked it but then again I am a Wolf fan - count me in too :) One of the best BL books this last years. GG serie is good. But the Path series is really not so good at all, maybe cause i hate eldars :D

20-04-2013, 14:32
I also loved Blood of Asaheim. I'n not a mad fan of Space Wolves usually, as, like Dan Abnett, I just didn't "get" them. However, this book was amazing. Really well written, with well fleshed out characters, who were individuals, not easy to do with Space Marines. I actually thought that the inclusion of the Sisters of Battle added to the story, as they provided a good counterbalance in character to the barbaric Wolf Guard, but that's just my opinion. I thought the ending was good as well, as it rounded the tory off satisfactorily, but left it open for possible squeals, without leaving it on a cliff hanger. Just read it. Its in hardback, but its not as expensive as most hbs, at 17.99 when most are 24-25.99. Fenris Hjolda! Gaunt's Ghosts series is excellent. Am just reading Sabbat Martyr, which is the seventh book. I can see why Abnett has military veterans asking him how he gets the battle scenes so real, as well as the interaction between the Ghosts. Sword of Justice and Sword of Vengeance by Chris Wraight are also really good, and now come in an omnibus edition called Swords of the Emperor. Graham Mcneill's Ultramarines books are a must, as they are well written and manage to make the Ultramarines interesting, even though they are the most clean cut chapter. Also just finished Purging of Kadillus, which gets a lot of criticism, but which I enjoyed. Don't read The Fall of Damnos. I'm not prejudiced against it because its Ultramarines written by someone other than Graham Mcneill, it just didn't grab me. Helsreach by ADB is brilliant. I love his portrayal of the Black Templars. Also try the High Elves novels Defenders of Ulthuan and Sons of Ellyrion by Graham Mcneill. They are brilliant, and offer great insights into the High Elves' characters and civilisation, not to mention huge numbers of dragons! William King's first Tyrion and Teclis book Blood of Aenarion is good, as it looks at how these legendary heroes grew up and became the people they are. I enjoyed Nick Kyme's Salamander trilogy, but again, its not to everyone's tastes. Hope all those help.
If someone could answer my question: Do you have to read the horus heresy anthologies, or can you just read the novels? Don't know if this is the right thread for this question, but just thought I'd ask.

Rogue Star
22-04-2013, 05:12
Fire Caste: Not my cup of tea, but alright enough. Felt it needed to fudge a lot of things in a micro-environment to get a story.

Masque of Vyle: Enjoyable enough, good if you like Eldar Harlequins, ties into Path of the renegade/Incubus.

Pariah: I liked it. Not the strongest of Dan Abnett's books, but still fun.

Path of the Renegade: An okay story, solid if you like Dark Eldar, but surpassed by the follow up, Path of the Incubus. Would recommend if solely for that.

Shadowsun: A good story, very basic, more of a character study, very much for Tau interested folks, Braden Campbell is very good at making you care about his characters.

Path of the Renegade was my 2nd best of the trilogy. Path of the Seer felt kinda dragged out. Path of the Warrior was my favorite by far.

Um, Path of the Renegade is the opening of the Dark Eldar series, no? You're thinking Path of the Outcast. ;)