View Full Version : 2500 Comp Empire List

31-03-2013, 21:49
Karl Franz w/ Ghal Maraz and Barded Warhorse

Wizard lord w/ Lore of Life, lvl 4 upgrade, Warhorse, and Seed of Rebirth

Warrior Priest w/ Glittering Scales, Warrior Bane, Shield, and Barded


23 Knightly Orders w/ full command, Inner Circle upgrade, and Steel


4 Demigryphs w/ Champ, Musician, and halberds

4 Demigryphs w/ Champ, Musician, and halberds

2 cannons




31-03-2013, 22:27
No real anvils, and that's a tiny army for 2.5k. Steadfast is going to ruin your day. Also, you don't really have any chaff.

It isn't an army I'd consider using, but fair play to you if you can make it work.

01-04-2013, 08:12
Interesting list, but if you play scenarios, you lose blood and glory immediately, and you'll struggle with watchtower.
As mentioned above, you have so few units that you will be outdeployed, severely hampering the one thing you have in your favour with lots of cavalry - maneuverability. That is also not helped by the size of that unit of knights. You might cope better splitting it into two.