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01-04-2013, 15:28
is there any way with the current rules to move a character out of the front rank other than refusing a challenge? i want to run wurrzag and a shaman with the shrunken head but i do NOT want them in the front rank, waaay too killable. any thoughts?

01-04-2013, 15:38
Not the way your wanting to. Unless you put more characters in the unit so with the command models and the other characters take up the front rank.

01-04-2013, 15:39
You can only put them in the second rank if the first one is filled up with the command group and/or other characters.
But that usually only works with ogres and cavalry....

01-04-2013, 17:29
Run your unit three-wide. Means you won't get any rank bonuses but then there has to be some penalty for your characters' cowardice

03-04-2013, 00:03
I know a few O&G players who use defense kit (armour or silvered steel / enchanted shield etc) heros to take up the front ranks and not die. Just a thought for ya winsafra, with the skull they get the ward save anyway :evilgrin:

03-04-2013, 23:55
In my experience your better off leaving the lucky shrunken head alone. Kill as many savages as possible to try and limit the attacks back. All you need to do is weather one round from them. make them lose their frenzy (granted i play warriors a lot and can pull this off easily with them lol) and choppa. then if its even necessary kill the head round 2. They will most likely manage to get their save first turn anyway unless you are lucky enough to be able to kill a 5+ ward model outright using characters out of your unit with better initiative then your troops. Basically what I'm saying is leave him in the front row and hope people attack him. More attacks back for you with choppa. Unless its on your level 4. But that's a silly idea. It's like tomb kings. Stuff killing all the characters out of the unit. Let them have hatered and ws 5. Just bash the hell out of them before they attack. Then they crumble. Your better of with combat resolution and limiting attacks back then wasting attacks trying to remove +1 ward save.

04-04-2013, 07:20
Run the unit as wider than your opponent's units and position your wizards at then end of each line. This is good since it maximizes the number of frenzied attack you'll get from your Savage Orcs and makes it difficult for the enemy to contact your Wizards with more than one file of troops.

It's not 100% guranteed safe, but I notice you are playing Orcs & Goblins. Safety should not be a concern. :)

04-04-2013, 11:10
Put them into goblin unit so they automatically end up in the flank of the formation in the first rank due to different base size. When you maximize for close combat you can then always move them out of contact unless the enemy unit is substantially wider than yours.

Constantly happens to me when I put my bray-shamans with Ungors... Even when I wouldn't mind having the shammy in combat (as he hits harder and better than runty ungors).