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25-05-2006, 02:54
Well before I plop down the money for a lizardman army I want to make sure that the basic army (empire) is not a better starting point. I'm sure you've seen a crap load of noobie lists like mine posted but please comment on anythin I could improve upon and how well it would do.

Lord: 146
Elector Count (146): Great Weapon, Full Plate Armor, Shield, Holy Relic

Heroes: 284
Battle Wizard (165): Lvl 2, Dispel Scroll, Rod of Power

Warrior Priest of Sigmar (119): Great Weapon, Heavy Armor, Shield, Warhorse W/ Barding

Core: 1157
24 Swordsman (193): Full Command
8 Free Company (40)
8 HandGunners (64)

25 Spearmen (175): Full Command
8 Free Company (40)
8 HandGunners (64)

8 HandGunners (64)

8 HandGunners (64)

8 Huntsman (80)

5 Knights of the Inner Circle (195): Full Command, Warbanner

6 Knights (178 ): Full Command

Special: 287
5 Pistolliers (112): Marksman W/ Repeater Pistol

Great Cannon (100)

Mortar (75)

Rare: 125
Hellblaster (125)

Total: 1999
Models: 127

25-05-2006, 07:52
I think you may have a problem defending your flanks as you have a lot of stuff to make up the center of your army but only 1 taking a flank. Usually you want at least another unit that is mobile enough to protect your other flank. I would suggest taking out a unit of Swordsmen + the Detachments for another unit of Knights. With the extra points. I would make one of the units Knights of the Inner Circle and perhaps buy another wizard if you can, a Lvl 2 with minimal gear. That way you are more suited and protected in the magic phase.

25-05-2006, 08:13
Little or no protection for your EC & I certainly wouldn't fly him around on a Pegasus, that is a Captain's job.

War Banner better than steel banner

Drop detachments to 8 you will find 10 to be unweildy

Little or nothing in the way of magic. Griffon Banner?

Personally would turn Halberdiers into a Regiment & split handgunners (some) into detachments

Need some light cavalry/skirmishers against Lizzies. Make you cavalry I/C

Get a mortar very useful vs Skirmishing units due to size of template

26-05-2006, 10:04
Surely some light cavalry...pistoliers is a must IMHO...

27-05-2006, 17:47
Thanks for all the advice. Made as many of the suggested changes that I could. Any more comments would be appreciated.