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Death Korp
03-04-2013, 21:27
Hey guys,

I'm wanting to add to my Warriors of Chaos Force in the near future. I'd like to have 2 large hordes of Chaos Warriors just for the coolness factor, even though I know that smaller units of around 18-21 would be better. But, oh well :P

*Sorcerer Lord: 405pts
-Tzeentch (Metal)
-Lvl 4
-Dispel Scroll
-Sword of AH
-4+ Ward
-Scaly Skin

*Exalted Hero BSB: 209pts
-5+ Ward
-3rd Eye

*30 Warriors of Khorne: 625pts
-Gleaming Pendant

*30 Warriors of Tzeentch: 555pts
-Full Command
-Standard of Discipline

*5 Marauder Horsemen: 95pts
-Light Armour
-Throwing Axes

*5 Dogs: XXpts

*5 Dogs: XXpts

*Chariot of Nurgle: 125pts

*Gorebeast Chariot of Khorne: 140pts

*3x Skull Crushers of Khorne: 279pts
-Banner of Rage
-Enscrolled Weapons


I think this list is quite nasty. I wanted to stick with Mortal units, as thats what my army is based on.It has alot of hard hitting units, and it has quite a bit of staying power with the two hordes of Chaos Warriors. If I wanted to add anything to make it 3k, I'd probably add some knights/ Skullcrushers and a Hellcannon to finish the list off nicely.



03-04-2013, 22:27
That list does look nasty. The only change id make is trade out the khorn warriors with GW armed Nurgle ones.

07-04-2013, 22:26
I would suggest changing up your Lord a little bit, putting him on a disc, giving him a 3 up ward with Talis of preservation, third eye to reroll any ward saves of 1 so you only fail on a 2 on a ward save, enchanted shield and a dispel scroll. If you want to keep a weapon on him throw on a relic sword to to compensate for his strength. that would brin his total value to only 410 so 5 points hight for a 1 up armor save and a 3 up ward rerolling 1s

08-04-2013, 20:53
The lore of metal allows the armor bonus spell so Halberd or GW warriors are scary with a 2+ armour, I had the same thought with the Banner of Rage on the crushers, but now I like banner of eternal flame on crushers (deals with trolls or ogres with trollguts) Skullcrushers wont usually lose combat, and it saves you 15 points and could go well to the enchanted shield for the Exaulted hero and Sorcerer Lord (if you follow the disc ideas from Philsnow which is awesome) will benefit from the Charmed Shield for 5 pts, he will avoid 1 cannon hit. Ideas hope they help

Fighting Newfoundlander
09-04-2013, 02:01
I agree with what others are saying, especially the MoN for the other Hord. That's one big unit to be chasing guys the wrong way. Really scarry though. Glad I'm not facing off against it!