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Battleworthy Arts
04-04-2013, 05:37
Reading the army book, Im excited to jump back into fantasy. There are two ways I can see going:

1. All Khorne.
If ihad a painting specialty, it would have to be painting red, and I hardly ever get to. An army of chariots, marauder horsemen, and skullcrushers has a strong visual appeal for me. Though going sans magic feels dangerous.

2. A cthulhu themed undivided army. Lots of marauders (flagellant models), forsaken, hellstriders, dragon ogres, and of course those mutalith things. Blues, greens, and water bases. Though strong themes like this can be as tedious as they are charming.

Thoughts on the tactical and visual implications of either of these ideas?

04-04-2013, 06:36
1. Would be awesome. Khorne doesn't exclude magic exactly, it would be totally reasonable for a fire sorcerer to attach himself to a khorne warband.
All khorne looks good and works well.

2. This would be as good as you make it I think. Would look awesome if done well but as you say converting a whole army can be tedious.
Marauders aren't very good though. They fine. Not exactly bad but by no means good.

WoC are a very strong army so you'll be safe no matter what theme you go for really.

04-04-2013, 12:44
From an aesthetic standpoint there's a lot of mono khorne running around already, but it's still fun to see/do.
#2 gets me creatively a lot more excited just because it's a more unique theme.

04-04-2013, 15:11
I think if you want to go full khorne you can do so without sorcs. Stick some magic resistance characters into your units and bring a warshrine or two for your magic phase. That way you will be getting maximum benefit to your fighty characters, and chosen if you bring them. Just make sure you have a bsb + lord + ldr banner for all the silly frenzy you will be dealing with. All khorne is a fun + dangerous list, but can be overwhelmed if not in combat quickly.

04-04-2013, 17:45
I think the Cthulu army sounds way cooler. Forsaken should definitely be something you check out for that army, along with the vortex beast.
I've never seen a cthulu army (one poorly done darkelf one, but thats it) but I see 2-4 mono-khorne armies every tournament I go to.

I agree, Marauders are not good this edition. Not terrible, but not good. They needed a points raise but got way too much of one IMO.
You could definitely still make use of them though if you really want to.