View Full Version : when did squad markings come into affect?

04-04-2013, 15:06
I was of the opinion that these came about with the codex but looking through collected visions there are a few pics with them from many different legions. Is this correct or has the artist just got it wrong

04-04-2013, 15:57
the Codex Astartes attempts to standardize squad markings across all chapters fo ease of identification. The legions were likely using their own methods of determining squads and some of those likely would have been very similar to the adopted codex standard.

04-04-2013, 16:36
Cheers seems strange that guilliman would use world eaters markings though

04-04-2013, 18:34
maybe the world eaters were using ultramarine style markings.

04-04-2013, 19:00
Yea each legion had its own traditions. The ultras probqbly used the same markings as the modern codex...as guillimen was in the process of compiling it. Some traditions would have evolved during the heresy (the red helmet pre and post calth).

The death guard appear quite bereft of such markings. The plates in Betrayel show legion markings, but some have bare alternate pads, some pads with a numeral (squad, company?),

Emperors children seem to have the badge on one shoulder and the legion numeral on the other, along with the palatine aquilla and various idividual honours.

Some world eaters appear to have esrly forms of the codex markings, although unblooded recent initiates bare no heraldry or markings at all.

Likewise some of the sons of horus appear to sport codex markings (at least the example of the Heavy Support "Devastator" does. Others have various gang glyphs and lodge markings.

My assumption would be that it was an early tradition in its genesis that would become refined during the codex reforms... a tradition that wasnt always consistent within a legion, if it was used at all. The UM were probsbly closest to it, and possible some of the strait laced legions like the Fists might too.

I guess it seems more a matter of g-man saying "hey this is a good idea guys you should try it" and other legions either going "cool story, bro" or "yea ill think about it"

04-04-2013, 20:05
Just had a thought could be a terran thing

04-04-2013, 22:42
Could be that instead of "The World Eaters" using markings, that for one period of time, one unit of that legion had a marking system, and that at other times or in other bodies of that legion, marines did not use those markings.

There was, almost without doubt, a very efficient officer of the World Eaters - a guilliman of the world eaters - who wanted his company to have squad markings.

05-04-2013, 00:12
There are references in HH1: Betrayal to a pre-Primarch standard - the 'Terran pattern' - that was used by the early Legions. Each of the Legions probably used it as a base (it makes sense that the degenerating World Eaters would bother less and less with it) and I can imagine Gulliman looking at it, saying "ok, that works" and using it as the basis first for his Notes on Martial Codification and later the Codex Astartes.