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06-04-2013, 18:25
Unfortunately I won't be attending this year (well I never have) because I don't own a painted army however many of my gaming buddies are attending so we've been playing SCGT style games for a while now.

I've just switched from High Elves to Undead (people got bored of killing Elves).

Played 1 game so far and got destoryed by 9 Fanatics and 2 Mangler Squigs

Completely changed my list - probs facing Skaven Monday

unfortunately I only own 40 zombies (not nearly enough) and I also don't own any dire wolves.



Vampire Lord (General)
level 4 (vampires)
Ogre Blade
Talisman of preservation
Other tricksters shard
Heavy Armour/ Shield/ barded nightmare
Red fury
Quick Blood
538 (OUCH!)


Level 2 (vampires)
enchanted shield
sword of swift slaying
red fury
heavy armour/ barded nightmare

Wight King
Night shroud
Icon of something
shield/ barded nightmare


30 ghouls

40 zombies

21 skeletons
command hw/s
screaming banner


3 fell bats

12 black knights
full command
barding/ lances
banner of barrows


Terrorgheist (yes he is back!)

Black Coach

2397 - BARGAIN! I could buy another zombie if I had the model!

06-04-2013, 20:19
I think spending 39% of your points on characters is too much. Especially with you wight king who doesn't appear to do much other than wear a night shroud. If you put all those characters in that black knight unit you literally have over half your army in a single unit of knights.

I wouldn't take the wight king at all as he doesn't seem to be serving a purpose that more knights couldn't serve. If you do take him, make him the BSB at the very least.

Your second hero seems like overkill. your vampire lord is going to get between 6 and 10 attacks at strength 7. Do you really think he won't obliterate anything he touches? Another vampire with red fury in the unit just places more points in it. He might come in handy in extreme situations (I don't know your meta, maybe super hordes are a constant thing) but it also seems like you could spread the love around to your other units, or just buy more units. That vampire is an entire unit of blood knights for example.

That unit of skeletons won't accomplish much at that size, so there's no need to buy them the screaming banner. I probably wouldn't buy the unit at all if that's all the skeletons you have. Just get a few more zombies and use the skeleton models mixed in to represent them if you're short on pieces.

You could use the ~150 points remaining to buy several things, such as a few more ghouls to beef up your horde, some dire wolves (if you can get some models or proxies), a unit of hex wraiths or wraiths, or just a few more black knights.

06-04-2013, 20:52
Pretty much agree with Kayosiv here. Wight King with Nightshroud is one of my favorite setups, but he usually escorts a foot lord in a Graveguard/Ghoul Horde. That 30 ghouls won't benefit from him much. You really want him in a unit with armor(Knights, GG) so that the reduced strentgh of your opponent(in case of great weapons) cannot crack your armor. He just doesn't seem to be doing much in your list.

Second Vampire is better off with Quickblood then Red Fury, simply because his base attack isn't that much.

You don't have a dispel scroll. Your opponent will be bombarding that Black Knight Deathstar with eveything he has. Scroll caddy necros are cheap.

Black Coach is not bad, but against Skaven he is free points.

10-04-2013, 09:09
Unfortunately this is a tournament list so although I would modify vs. Skaven I will also be facing any other army.

I do seem to face a lot of Horde's so the idea is that the unit just chews through them.

The idea of the wight king is that he is in with the black knights - my idea of set up would be 5 wide going wk/bk/bk/vamp/vamp so that most the attacks go against the lord of T5 wight king with his 1+ armour save.

The second vampire has ASF anyways with his weapon (I can't in the tournament rules take a second quickblood and keep all the other equipment on my lord.