View Full Version : size of a word bearer host?

bound for glory
06-04-2013, 19:15
i'm reading the word bearer books. i was wondering about the size of a host? thanks.

Michael M.
06-04-2013, 19:30
It depends on the power of itīs Dark Apostle. Those with great retoric abilities might be able to attract more followers. An "accident" or two of other Dark Apostles might help to increase the own host of course, too.

07-04-2013, 03:59
Can be anything, according to the Index Astartes articles, from a few dozen to a thousand Word Bearers. No doubt the numbers would be fluid and changing depending on the influence of each Dark Apostle upon his warriors, the authority of the Dark Council of Sicarus, casualties, recruitment, divine providence etc. Really any amount is feasible in my opinion.

07-04-2013, 08:41
I general they seem to be the size of a few companies, but can be as large as several chapters combined. Considering their use of daemons, cultists and local population, I guess a few companies would be enough for all but the largest of undertakings.

Then again, when it comes to marines, I multiply all numbers by ten (but it should probably be by 100...)

A Shadow
08-04-2013, 22:43
The Dark Apostle trilogy provides a range. Can't recall exactly, but the Host that functions as the main characters is about 2000 strong, and this is because it absorbed another Host whose Apostle was slain. It was mentioned that the Host would likely be split if Marduk became an Apostle, and also the the hosts of the Council members were much larger then others. When they invade Boros Prime they have 5 Hosts at about 15,000? warriors. I shall have to check that