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08-04-2013, 16:56
Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

This isn't the first time I've posted in this forum, I've been lurching around for a while. I took part in a painting log with a couple of friends (entitled Imperial Vs Orks: Take of Four Gamers (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?343796-Imperials-vs-Orks-A-tale-of-four-painters)). While I did do a little bit of updating/painting...I ended up failing the blog by a) stopped painting b) stopped updating and c) stopped collecting Orks.

I don't have a great track record when it comes to painting sadly. As much as I enjoy building/battling I really struggle to paint (strong mixture of lack of ability in anything 'art' related, time and patience). Saying all that though, I really do want to get an army painted...an army to be proud of...regardless of the level of painting involved.

I've always been a fan of the Tau, so jumped at the chance to return to one of my first armies I ever bought all those years ago as the new models look incrediable! So, after some encouragement from Warseer'er and friend Fle I've decided to try and log my progress. Be warned, this maybe updated slowly, and has a high chance it'll drop though the forum never to be seen again...however I do have a good feeling about this one!

So how are they going to look? Well, I'm taking on a very simple colour scheme that I used once before on a Forgeworld Battlesuit from years ago. While he was never finished he is still to this day the only model I've ever felt like I painted 'well', compared to my standards anyway.


Bold primary colours are the order of the day. I'm hoping to replicate that look to my new Tau army (with various exceptions, Kroot and Stealth Suits to name two).

Anyway, I've built my new box of Pathfinders today (see image below). I've got a fair amount to build yet, but hope to undercoat these very soon and make a start on the painting between building the rest. I've got an Apoclypse game coming up in May so hope to have the entire army build and with at least a couple of units on the way to being completely painted.



Wish me luck. I'm going to need it!

08-04-2013, 17:04
...however I do have a good feeling about this one!

So do I :D I'll try my best to keep you motivated!