View Full Version : 2400ptS Youtube Battle Report Daemons of Chaos vs. Ogre Kingdoms!

09-04-2013, 18:01
Here is my fourth youtube battle report involving my Daemons of Chaos vs Ogres. I hope you all enjoy! Comments and critiques are welcome! EDIT: 2400 POINTS!


09-04-2013, 18:45
I liked the pictures (pretty armies) and the overall style of the report's presentation.

I appreciate that you put the player turn on the bottom right as well.

I wish there were labeled units during deployments.

There's a lot of "dead space" in the audio of the report and your commentary (while good) is slow paced and seemingly very tentative. You could have easily shaved 2-4 minutes off that report by being a bit snappier and with some editing. An example of this is at 8:23-8:34. You want to say you got a Baelsword and +d3 wounds. It just takes you a little bit too long to get out that information. Afterwards, there's just 3 seconds of dead silence. There's little gaps and pauses all over the video that could be ironed out in future reports with a bit more preparation and confidence. You're plenty articulate, you just need to pick up the pace slightly and it should all come together.

Looking forward to more reports soon.

09-04-2013, 18:51
Thanks for watching! I agree with the pauses, and I think I rushed the production a bit, normally I would have cut the pauses... I did use my laptop for this one and the fan is picking up on the audio too, kind of distracting. I'll correct and use my good PC for the next report, including a better mic. I appropriate the feedback and again thank you so much for taking time to watch!

22-04-2013, 20:41
Great to watch this and your so right about nurglings I used them in a tournament and they proformed really well overall.