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09-04-2013, 23:34
In an effort to get into the OnG book here is my tourney list.

Orc Warboss
Init 10 Blade
Heavy Armor of 5++ Save
Wyvern - yes this can be a points sink but I like the model and the 18" bubble.
Savage Orc Great Shaman-Lvl 4
Fencer's Blades
Lucky Shruken Head

Night Goblin Shaman-Lvl 2
Dispell Scroll
4 ++ Ward Save
Black Orc Warboss-BSB
Armor of Destiny
5x NG Big Boss - GW Light Armor

2 x 5 Goblin Wolf Riders w/ Spears
39 NG w/ spears & nets (no fanatics)
28 SO Big 'uns w/Extra Hand Weapon

20 Squigs w/ 10 herders
6 Trolls (try to catch cannonballs like a Kung-fu panda)

Mangler Squig
Pimp Wagon
2 x Rock Lobba
Doom Diva

3 Combat blocks
Anvil with the NG who are essentially toughness 5 from the front
Some decent chaff and warmachine hunters
3 knight killers
18" ldr bubble
Trolls to catch cannonballs
A decent (not amazing, but decent) magic phase.

Anything I'm forgetting?

10-04-2013, 01:22
The wyvern will catch cannonballs not the trolls.

No black orc bigbosses? Expect 1 to 2 units a turn to do nothing.

Get 2 mangler squigs

Drop the trolls, and bulk up your other units. I know on paper the list sounds good, but on contact with someone who knows how to play watch out

10-04-2013, 01:31
Give lord a charmed shield and dragon bane gem. Drop herd and bulk up on more trolls or drop them completely