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10-04-2013, 10:50
First attempt at putting together a 2000pt Daemons list using the new rulebook.

Am restricting myself to mono-Khorne choices for fluffiness, personal preference and model collection. Not even pretending to be competitive here.

In addition to the below I can also potentially field a Daemon Prince, Bloodthirster, Skulltaker (foot or mounted), a further 10 Fleshhounds or up to 6 Bloodcrushers.

Headtaking ain't easy....

20 Bloodletters (standard, musician) - 300

20 Bloodletters (standard, musician) - 300

20 Bloodletters (standard, musician) - 300

5 Fleshhounds (ambush) - 165

Skull Cannon of Khorne - 135

Soulgrinder (Khorne, Baleful Torrent) - 305

Herald, (BSB, Blood Throne, Locus of Frenzy) - 345

Herald (2 lesser gifts or one greater) - 150

I'm desperately trying to fit the Throne in as I've converted a Gorebeast Chariot/Juggernaut for the role and like the idea of being able to spread the Frenzy/BSB wherever it's needed, and it seems like the only way to get a somewhat survivable Herald build... it's proving to be a losing battle though, and I'm seriously contemplating Skulltaker instead.

2 Khorne Cannons would be the clear winner if I had a second cannon model, alternatively dropping the Soulgrinder for more Ambushers and maybe some Juggernauts could work. a couple of MSU Khorne Furies for war machine hunting/march blocking would be nice, I guess.

Finally, I'm unsure whether to keep the Bloodletters as 3 x 20, switch to 2 x 30 or 1 x 20 and a horde of 40.

10-04-2013, 14:52
The Skullthrone is quite an investment at 2k. As you know I used it in a game twice this size (http://z7.invisionfree.com/wyrmling_x/index.php?showtopic=10578) and while I had some pretty extreme luck (on other places) the Skullthrone itself seemed to performed quite well with Fury-Locus supporting two Hordes of Bloodletters.
If you're hellbent on trying it at 2k I would personally definately make those BL's 2x30 and stick the throne inbetween them.
For your second Herald (the General) I'd definately take the 1xGreater Gift - if you're lucky you'll get the 2+ Armour Save and defaulting to Axe of Khorne effectively makes him a 7A 'monster' with Frenzy.
SoulGrinder does bring some much-needed distraction from aiming all guns at the throne, at the same time it's a really hard choice because man you're model-count is severely limited already..
I'd probably drop the Grinder for Another unit of Ambushing FleshHounds - I find you should Always run Fleshies in units of 6 (198pts) which means you could afford a unit of Furies too if dropping the Grinder.
The reason I'd bring two units of FleshHounds is if you only bring 1 unit there's a definate 'risk' you won't come in until your 3rd turn - not being able to put the hurt on his rear until turn 4.. And that's simply not a risk I'd be comfortable with taking.
As a last 'thought' I wouldn't concider the BSB-upgrade mandatory.. It's a risk-taking but I would seriously concider dropping the BSB-upgrade (making the Throne-HoK General) which would allow you to drop the infantry-HoK all together and free up some more Points for a unit of Crushers (that could screen the throne and benefit from the Frenzy-Locus together with the Bloodletters).
The rationale about dropping the BSB is pretty much that you're doomed if you need it anyway.. So you might as well not bother. :D (Of course, with all the Frenzy going on you'd lose a lot of Control without the BSB so it's a tough choice indeed..)

Well, strict Mono-Khorne is a nosebleed.. There's no denying. You really need a wizard and preferable at least a DP so that you get at least one roll on the Exalted Gift table..
And keep in mind I never play games this size so my advice probably isn't the best out there.. ;)

10-04-2013, 15:23
Thanks for the comments! I think the main problem with lists like this is that although it's possible to create mono-God Daemons lists, it's not what the book was designed to do. Which puts us theme-loving fluffbunnies in a bit of an uncomfortable position.

Good points re. making the Throne Herald the general - and an Axe of Khorne gift stacked on top would make for a survivable and pretty ferocious unit - quick, maneuverable, relatively well-armoured (for Daemons), with up to 7 Strength 7 (charging) attacks from the Herald plus 4 Strength 5 (charging) from the crew, 4 Strength 6 (charging) from the Chariot itself and D6+1 impact hits which can potentially cause it to regenerate lost wounds... (ummmm...)

It's interesting, you know - my mono-Khorne in the previous edition had no shooting and no magic; now they've gained some potentially powerful shooting, but at considerable cost to their out and out combat potential. Whereas before I was giving up two game phases, now it's at least only one! Looking at it that way, a second Cannon should really be a must.

Drop the BSB upgrade & Soulgrinder, and I can afford a second Cannon & 3 Bloodcrushers to screen the Throne. That would leave 100pts to play with if I drop the second Herald as well...

10-04-2013, 19:24
I play pur Khorne also and I've come to the conclusion that Fleshounds are GOLD!!!


I won't run less than 2 units of 5, 3 units ideally.

21 Bloodletters is fine - I go with 7 wide, 3 deep, to maximize my attacks (adds 3 extra attacks) - other preference would be the horde units of 30, 10 wide.

My 2500 list was:

Prince, MoK, armor, wings, 50pts of gifts
HoK, throne, BSB, 50pts of gifts

21 Letters, FC (7 wide)
20 letters, FC (5 wide, also handy if Watchtower comes up)

5 Hounds
5 Hounds
5 Hounds

(All with ambush)

3 Crushers, standard

Soul Grinder, MoK, claw

To make it 500pts less I'd lose my Juggers and 5 Hounds

11-04-2013, 08:57
That's a pretty interesting looking list Jind_Singh! I agree on the Fleshhounds - no-one would enjoy a pack of these boys running around behind their lines, let alone multiple packs.

Good to see you're using the Throne as well. How's it been performing for you? I personally like the idea of not needing to have my BSB or Locus generator tied down into a particular unit, but I need to give it some trial runs...

11-04-2013, 15:59
have you thought about having a skull cannon instead of blood throne? because I have lists with about 2 in which might be really fun if a treeman comes your way.

11-04-2013, 18:23
I used a warriors chariot pulled by a jugger with the skull throne and herald on top - so I take it cuz I spent a lot of time on the model

In terms of gaming its a massive liability and hampers my game as it does too quick and is t cost effective - th throne needed to be the same cost as skull takers throne

11-04-2013, 21:22
Hah, that's pretty much the same reason why I'm trying to shoehorn my own Throne in! Didn't like the model, so built my own out of a Gorebeast Chariot and Juggernaut, now I feel compelled to use it!

Brother Haephestus
22-04-2013, 04:00
Jind, I am surprised you didn't throw Karanak in there, and I'm sure your experience is much greater than mine, but he sure seems tasty to add to one of them hounds. What's your feelings about him?