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Disposable Hero
11-04-2013, 21:07
Hi guys,

I am the very proud owner of about 3500 points of WoC, Beasts, Daemons and Chaos Dwarves. All together, they form my Greater Horde of Nurgle.
It plays very well, as is to be expected, a little bit of everything.

The one thing that always bugs me is the Tide of Conquest rule.

So, say it is turn 2. Player 1 goes, player 2 goes, the score is taken. Results are applied. Is the score then tuened back to zero for the new round, or do I continue counting destroyed or fleeing units?
It seems a simple rule, but I don't get it at all..

Anyone have experience with this?

13-04-2013, 04:39
It's a rolling tally.

If you destroy 2 of your opponent's units in your first turn, then another in your second, the tally at the beginning of your third is 3 enemy units destroyed. You compare this to how many of yours have been destroyed. You compare at the start of every 'game' turn from turn 2 onwards, not every 'player' turn.

It does make things interesting when building an army because you can't rely on small sacrificial units without risking having to roll on the horrible Scorn of Chaos table.

Disposable Hero
14-04-2013, 06:06
That makes perfect sense, I will try it later today..thanks.