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15-04-2013, 00:49
Heres my first attempt at a nurgle army for 2500pts. This comes to 2471 but it probably isn't very good. I want to keep it strictly nurgle. Im not a fan of large targets since my meta does have quiet a few empire players so cannons are everywhere. im willing to drop/add anything else except for the slaughterbrute because I draw the line at 85 dollars for 1 model. Suggestions are appreciated

<u>Lord </u>
Sorcerer lord
lvl 4
Talisman of preservation
Mutations: Chaos familiar

2.Exalted hero
Mark of nurgle
scaled skin

17 chaos warriors w/full cmd, halberd and shield and mark of nurgle.
17 chaos warriors w/full cmd halberd and shield and mark of nurgle. Festus goes here
7 warhounds<

4 ogres w/ great weapons, full cmd and mark of nurgle
5 knights w/ full cmd, esc weapons and mark of nurgle
5 knights w/full cmd, esc weapons and mark of nurgle
Chimera w/ regen and breath weapon

15-04-2013, 07:02
Take your sorcerer off the warhsrine. By all means have a war shrine but don't put your level 4 general on it, you're asking for it to die.
Instead of the 5++ on the BSB I would get another unit of dogs.
Extra hand weapon isn't a great choice on warriors. If they're modelled that way and it's too late then that's okay, don't stress. But halberds and/or shields are better. Nurgle warriors with shields are very tough.

Otherwise I think it should do well.

15-04-2013, 12:26
I was not entirely sold on the warshrine but some people at my FLGS convinced me it was worth running. I personally think that running something that buffs D3 models and hoping that it turns a guy into a demon prince is a waste of points. I quit a few years before 8th edition came out so ATM im just going off of what people tell me is good and what is not. I am surprised that extra hand weapon isn't good anymore since in 7th my extra hand weapon warriors were blenders when they came into contact with anything T4 or less. I also thought with festus in the unit I would take advantage of his posion attack rule since halberds don't really need posion to be really killy. I will alter my list with your suggestions. Thanks for your advice

15-04-2013, 12:43
The shrine isn't worth it really any more. Add hws aren't a bad choice for khorne but optimally the Halbreds are better. On nurgle warriors, I either run sword and board or gw depending on what I want them to do. Adding the nurgle bonus to them and giving them regen will help too. I feel that your three blocks are one too many, and in this addition, chosen aren't that great. I would suggest dropping them and using points elsewhere. If you want to keep with the nurgle theme, you could add a chinera( believe me, they can be deveststing), or I like to run small units of forsaken on my flanks (5-7).

15-04-2013, 13:39
I was thinking about dropping the ogres and including a 3x dragon ogre unit with great weapons. 10 str 7 attacks is really good but for some reason dragon ogres seem to get a lot of hate directed at them and I don't understand why. Im thinking about putting my lord on a demonic mount for the toughness bonus but sticking him in a 5 man block of knights seems risky