View Full Version : 2000 pts dark elves for doubles game vs Orcs & gobbo's and Skaven

15-04-2013, 16:26
Hi, I have a 4k doubles game coming up and my ally is also taking dark elves, i dont know what except a Hydra he is fielding yet.

My Dark Elf army is currently under renevation from a pirate / cthulu themed army corsair heavy to one thats based in Ghrond led by Morathi and the Sorceress cults.

So on paper I currently have.....

Lvl4 Sorceress (Lore of death) on cold one
Sacraficial dagger
Pendadnt of Khaeleth

Death Hag BSB
Banner of hag graef
Touch of death

Lvl2 Sorceress (lore of fire)
Dispel Scroll
Guiding eye

35 Spears with shields FCG and banner of murder
Lvl4 sorc on cold one joins these.

19 Crossbowmen FCG with shields
Lvl 2 sorc with guiding eye joins these (this is my staple unit, if you roll burning blades of ruin they're incredible when you use the eye)

5 harpies (lure out the fanatics)

24 Executioners FCG

1 Hydra

This is up to 1,777 points

Dont know whether or not to take 2 bolt throwers and put my lvl4 sorc on a Pegasus. or drop the BSB and execs and take a master and corsairs. Or field my dark riders.

I know in my opponents armies there will be a lot of Orc an Gobbo chariots as well as on the skaven side a hellpit and lots of template weapons. and probably a doomwheel. and a horde of stormvermin.

Any suggestions :)

Dark Elf
17-04-2013, 08:56
Keep the BSB, take the 2 RBT and put your sorceress on DP. But why don't you use shadow magic? It's much better imo. With both mages you'll get all the spells and that means a lot of debuffs for the other side and buffs for you.