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15-04-2013, 22:57
Hi all,

Have a GT Qualifier tournament coming up this Saturday. I want to continue to try to make my Nurgle Themed list work, which I've been working with for about a month now. I've continued to tweak and refine it and this is the latest iteration. Comments after.

2500 Pts - Warriors of Chaos Roster


Daemon Prince of Nurgle, 555 pts (General)
. . Level 4
. . Mark of Nurgle
. . Chaos Armor
. . Daemonic Flight
. . Sword of Striking
. . Charmed Shield
. . Dragonbane Gem
. . Chaos Familiar
. . Flaming Breath
. . Scaled Skin
. . Soul Feeder


Festus the Leechlord of Nurgle, 190 pts

Exalted Hero of Nurgle (Battle Standard Bearer), 215 pts
. . Mark of Nurgle
. . Flail
. . Glittering Scales
. . Ruby Ring of Ruin
. . Burning Body
. . Hideous Visage

The Troll King Throgg, 195 pts


18 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle, 405 pts
. . Mark of Nurgle
. . Halberd; Shields
. . Full Command
. . Banner of Swiftness

5 Chaos Warhounds, 30 pts

5 Chaos Warhounds, 30 pts

5 Chaos Warhounds, 40 pts
. . Vanguard

5 Chaos Warhounds, 40 pts
. . Vanguard

7 Chaos Trolls, 245 pts


Chimera, 275 pts
. . Flaming Breath
. . Regenerating Flesh

Gorebeast Chariot of Nurgle, 140 pts
. . Mark of Nurgle

Gorebeast Chariot of Nurgle, 140 pts
. . Mark of Nurgle

Total Roster Cost: 2500 on the nose (love it when that happens)

Alright, so my thoughts on each unit.

Daemon Prince: This guy is a beast, obviously. I've come to love Chaos Familiar as I seem to roll a 5+ a decent amount of times for more power dice. He's only died twice, and both times were due to mistakes on my part, in all the games I've played (about 7). I'm still undecided as to whether to go with Nurgle or Death. I'm kind of leaning towards Nurgle because the bubble Regen works really well with my list since I have 3 regenerating units (Warriors, Trolls, Chimera) that really benefit from it. The other consideration is OTS for Sword of Striking. I still lean towards Sword of Striking because it is useful in all circumstances whereas OTS is only useful in some circumstances.

Festus: Taking him means no dispel scroll, but he has been solid so far. He makes the Warriors into a really tough unit to crack.

Throgg: Kind of needed if you're taking trolls and are going to have a general that flies around out of range of inspiring presence. He hasn't disappointed yet. As an added benefit, the dogs like running around with LD8.

BSB: This is actually a brand new build I just thought up after my last game. I haven't playtested it at all so I'd be really interested to hear anyone's thoughts. Before I was running 2+ rerollable save and OTS. However, my last game I had some trouble with ethereals and an opponent who had a lot of flying running around. I thought this build would help out with a little more range support by having fireball as another magic missile. Also, anything WS7 or less needs 6's to hit him in combat, and he'll have a 5+ regen from festus, so he should be well protected.

His other role is to provide flaming so the warriors can take on regen monsters and such. I would have rather had a halberd as opposed to a flail, but I couldn't find the extra 1 point from somewhere so flail it is. Hideous Visage is actually nice as it makes the warriors immune to terror, only take fear test from terror causing creatures, and occasionally cause fear to other things.

Warriors: With Festus, this is a solid unit that is really hard to move. Would like more bodies but they are expensive. Banner of Swiftness helps so they can keep up with the trolls. They almost always make their points back. Just have to get them in combat.

Trolls: Cannonball screen for the Daemon Prince. Needs to be near BSB so they don't go stupid, but otherwise they have performed very well in all games. With Throgg become a huge beatstick. They are needed to provide an initial screen for the DP.

Dogs: Need these for drops. Found that I didn't need all to vanguard so saved 20 points by dropping 2 vanguards. These I use as misdirectors once the game starts. They do their job well enough, though M7 isn't very fast for chaff.

Chimera: Always dies, but rarely disappoints. Epitomizes the glass cannon. Runs around with the DP usually and they can chew through units pretty well as a pair. Have to be careful as, even with regen, T5 and W4 isn't very much.

Gorebeast Chariots: These guys are supremely tough in close combat. While slow, sometimes this isn't a bad thing as they can guard the flanks of my main units. And I've found with Swiftstride they actually have a decent charge range.

Anyway, like to hear everyone's thoughts on anything you see, but particularly on:

1) BSB Build
2) Death or Nurgle on DP
3) OTS or Sword of Striking on DP


16-04-2013, 05:03
Interesting list. I like most of it. I would go nurgle magic to beef up buff spells on regen. I would go sword of striking only if you plan in fighting things that won't last long in combat. You bsb build in unusual but will probably do well either way. I would consider dropping two units of dogs and a chariot and add in two small units of forsaken to do the same things. I have found that they are so dangerous when on the flanks.

19-04-2013, 14:51
I like this list. It looks solid, though I usually prefer another unit of warriors. Id stick with the SoSt on the DP, hitting on 2s is significantly better than making someone reroll their ward saves. More hits, more wounds, more saves to be taken. Im curious, do you ever feel like your eggs are all in one basket with the warriors unit? Or does festus and the BsB just make that unit a monster?

Also Id go with death on the lord, as festus is rocking nurgle. He can run almost as fast as the trolls with BoSwiftness, so if you can get the bubble off with him itd likely be better than with your lord thats going to be zooming about.

19-04-2013, 20:21
nurgle magic will be very useful I think. May the chaos gods be with you and good luck.